Thursday, July 18, 2013

Will Red Wing Take Flight?

reports at that Terrance Malick has produced his stepson's film, one with an "incest" theme. But it really isn't. After saying Malick's track record of late has been bad, Friedman writes...
Now Malick has executive produced a film for his stepson, Will Wallace.

An Executive Producer is usually pretty much just a bankroll. That's an important person, but usually not a creative force in the production of a movie.
Will is the son of Malick wife Alexandra “Ecky” Wallace. “Red Wing” is based on a novella by French literary giantess George Sand called “Francois le Champi.” The story is one of incest, which seems to be hammered home in the new clip for “Red Wing.”

Here's where readers think Incest? Really? Hmm.
A young married mother takes in a homeless little boy. Her husband gets rid of him when he’s older because the mother-son relationship is too close. Later, the kid, now a hunk played by Glen Powell– billed as the last actor signed by Ed Limato– comes back and romances and marries the foster mother.

Ah. That's not really incest, but I can see that all of the people who think they know how everyone else's love lives should be would call it such. They can get their "this is strange" judgment label attached simply enough.
Let’s hope this comes to Toronto. Last year “To the Wonder” played there, and it was a memorable screening.

Here's the trailer...

What are your thoughts, dear reader? If you see the film, or have read the novella, or have actually been in a situation anything like this, it would be especially good to hear from you.

It would be good to see more movies where a romance is treated seriously and with respect even if it isn't "cisgendered late 20s-early30s heterosexual guy meets a year-or-two-younger cisgendered heterosexual woman of same race, vanilla monogamy follows."
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  1. The City Of Bones movie includes romance between brother and sister who meet first time as teenagers (propably GSA). It will be in theaters 23th of August, and what I think is even better, it is based on popular fantasy book for teenagers :)

    1. Thank you, Milna! I wasn't familiar with the book nor the upcoming movie, which looks interesting. The more movies and novels that include such elements, the better, as long as they don't get it wrong.

  2. There are a few anime and manga that have incest as a plot point or main theme.

    Koi Kaze deals with GSA between a brother and sister who had been separated due to their parent's divorce.

    Onegai Twins deals a bit with it, the story being about a guy who has two girls show up at his house claiming to be his sister with all three having the same picture of two kids (one of which was him, but the other they were not sure which of the girls it was.) The show started to show that all three shared feelings for one another. One was a sister and the other was not. The girls feared that the "stranger" as they called it would have to leave, but the sister also had a lose situation, she could not be with Maiku. The show tried building on the premise that there didn't have to be a loser. The stranger was also family, and the family was also loved. But it copped out, by making the revealed sister bury her feelings.

    Ore no Imouto deals with a brother (Kyousuke age 17) trying to reforge the bond between him and his sister (Kirino age 14). They had a cold war, not even really talking to one another. One day the brother finds a dvd case for an magical girl anime show. And inside is an eroge called "Make love to your sister" he then finds out it was his sister's who secretly likes anime and eroge, especially ones centered around little sisters and lolitas. Eventually the viewer sees hints that Kirino was in love with Kyousuke despite her attitude toward him (which is a defense mechanism and makes her as easy as a book to read). Kyousuke through his efforts to get along with Kirino, eventually begins to develop feelings for her. It isn't really GSA, but fans have speculated that had they stayed close (Kirino used to admire Kyousuke, but he lost most of his admirable qualities due to being psychologically manipulated by a childhood friend, who also misunderstood Kirino's normal admiration for romantic feelings and basically called Kirino a freak for having them). Anyways, had they not been driven apart, they would probably have grown up to be normal siblings.

    Yosuga no Sora is about twins who move to a rural town so they wouldn't be separated after their parents died. The anime has a few sex scenes and it's in an omnibus format. The manga was marketed towards boys 10 to 18 and as such is much cleaner with no sex scenes, but one scene let the viewer know that the night before, the twins had sex. The twins settle in their new home, meet their new classmates and friends. In the anime, much of the other characters are only featured in their own arcs, or as side characters in other arcs. In the manga, their stories are mixed in with Sora's route, which is the only route featured. Their friends also find out in the manga, but support them, whereas in the anime, they are left in the dark. In both, the twins leave, but in the manga, they plan to return seeing their trip as a vacation where as in the anime, it's to escape from being social outcasts. It's also kind of about GSA as Sora was sick when she was younger and always had to stay at the hospital, and when she got well enough to live with her family, Haruka started noticing how beautiful she was.

    I am a bit disappointed since a lot of incest in anime and manga ends in a cop out usually. Basically the cop out is that the story tries to portray everything as "it's okay since they really aren't related" and this is usually done in a twist ending sort of sense. I don't get how by changing a couple dna variables, an action becomes right or wrong. Some don't have a surprise revelation per se, but still seem to have that cop out.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful observations!

  3. I ended up watching this. By romance movie standards, it's incredibly mediocre. The actress for the mom is good though. These kinds of things are so rarely depicted in a positive light, however, that I can give the movie some slack.

    1. Thanks for that assessment. Oh, to have well-done Hollywood feature with a credible and positive treatment of the subject.


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