Saturday, July 13, 2013

Will Carlisle Crown Court Punish Adults For Consensual Sex?

Many people are rightly shocked to learn that consensual sex between adults can still considered a criminal act in many supposedly modern places, and that people continue to be prosecuted for such a "crime." From comes this short report about two consenting adults being prosecuted in England for having consensual sex with each other.
A father and daughter are to go on trial accused of incest.
This shouldn't be a crime, unless we are talking about abusing minors.
Fifty-year-old Frank Christopher Humphreys and his 22-year-old daughter Eleanor Jackson deny the charge and will go on trial later in the year at Carlisle Crown Court.
The two, from Cleator Moor, are accused of consensual sex between December 2011 and February 2012.
Why is this a criminal matter?
Humphreys is accused of having sex with his daughter “knowing that she was related to you in that way.” Jackson faces a similar charge.

So who is the victim???
Both denied the offence when they appeared before magistrates in Workington.
The case was sent to Carlisle Crown Court to be next heard on September 30.

Carlisle is in Cumbria, England.

I wonder how this became a criminal matter? Did someone rat them out? I also notice she had a different last name. Is that a married name, or did she grow up apart from him, likely making this a matter of Genetic Sexual Attraction?

No matter who doesn't like the idea, these two should be free to love each other any way they want. Instead of being prosecuted, they should be offered marriage. What a waste of government resources this prosecution is. Outrageous.
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