Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sibling Consanguinamory Gets Steamy Novella

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At Life Becomes Me, the blogger reviews Diane Rinella's Love's Erotic Flower, which is now available at Amazon!

In the novella, she lets you see how their love is explored and acted upon.  It is humorous, sincere and very well written.  Diane once again shows us her outstanding talent at taking a taboo topic and making us see the real issue………..LOVE.
So there's a good review.
Do we as society have the right to tell someone they can’t love another person because of title, relation or to establish comfort in society?  Do we have the right to tell a person they have to ignore their heart and live in a loveless marriage because that is what is acceptable?
Good questions to pose to people. The more people think about this subject, the more prejudice will melt away, and that's a good thing.

Here's what I blogged about an interview that was done with Diane Rinella.

If you are in, or have been in, a consanguinamorous relationship or want to "meet" people who are or have been, I recommend joining the FREE forum, Kindred Spirits. But... be sure to read AND immediately follow all of the rules, or you'll get kicked right off.
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