Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where to Discuss Consanguinamory

The prejudice against consanguinamorous people continues. After being in one location for a while now, Penny 4 Your Thoughts has been kicked off their host and word through the grapevine is that it isn't coming back anywhere. That forum was the "daughter" of a previous forum that split. The other "daughter" is still going as Kindred Spirits forum, although there had been technical issues that were plaguing the host. In recent weeks, the forum has been operating fine for me. If you decide to join Kindred Spirits (it's free!) be sure to immediately read AND follow all of the rules, or you'll be kicked right off.

That both forums have had to relocate multiple times due to prejudice is sad. These forums have had worthwhile discussions about consanguinamory and have been a welcoming place for people who are usually being treated as second class citizens and don't have a lot of options for connecting with others who are going through the same thing.

If you are in a consanguinamorous relationship, or have been, or are considering one, or want to learn about them, or want to be more supportive of someone you know who is in one, Kindred Spirits continues to be the place to go if you want a place that... well moderated
...doesn't allow spam
....isn't filled with porn or designed to be masturbation material (which I don't have a problem with in general, but there's a difference between porn and serious discussion of real relationships)
...isn't about pedophilia, child abuse, or rape/rape fantasies.

People who have experienced Genetic Sexual Attraction are welcome at Kindred Spirits as long as they understand and accept that many people there were not separated from their genetic relatives. There are some GSA-experienced people who are active there. The free GSA-dedicated forum at is, as of this writing, experiencing technical problems. There is Yahoo Group for GSA that might accept new members:

If anyone knows of other active, good, free forums for discussing consanguinamory or GSA, I'm all ears.

If you are looking for a place to discuss consanguinamory, especially if you were a member of a shuttered/abandoned forum, contact me and I might be able to help.
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