Friday, July 26, 2013

Is Michigan Arresting People For Consensual Sex?

This short article at doesn't make it clear what is alleged to have happened, and maybe law enforcement isn't being clear either. The headline said a man was arrested after his daughter revealed a "sexual relationship." The article's text uses that same phrase. The man is 39 but his biological daughter's age is not given.
Criminal sexual conduct? Sexual relationship? If it was assault or molestation, I wouldn't use those words, which imply a mutual consent. I would expect assault or rape charges, too. But it is possible she is of age and this was consensual. For all we know, they just met a year ago and this is Genetic Sexual Attraction. If this was consensual, it is outrageous that he was arrested and is facing charges.

The article says this happened because she told her doctor about the relationship. I don't know if doctors have to report consensual incest. Again, if she complained about being assaulted, that would have been better language to use.

So do we have an assault case where the descriptive language is too light, or do we have an outrageous intrusion into a consensual relationship? If the former, throw the book at him. If the latter, it is atrocious  and dangerous that a woman can't be honest with her doctor about a consensual relationship.
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