Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Father and Daughter Imprisoned in Ghana

What really happened in Ghana? We may never know. This is the report published by
A 40-year-old driver and his daughter have been remanded into prison custody by a Kumasi Circuit court for engaging in sexual relations.

So both were arrested.
The 20-year-old lady told Nhyira FM’s Ewiase mu Nsem her father; Kojo Mintah threatened her with the Antoa deity into having sex with her about ten times over a period of one year.

But officials of the Zongo police Domestic Violent and Victim Support Unit decided to charge the two with incest because preliminary investigations indicate the two adults consented to the act.
Claims of assault should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, there is a possible motivation to claimed to have been assaulted when consensual sex can bring criminal prosecution.
Doreen Mensah, who is a JHS leaver, told Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor that her father started having sex with her after the death of her mother.

Meanwhile, her father told Luv News he was seduced by the daughter.

Throwing someone half your age under the bus is not much of a defense, and a rotten thing to do.
He however felt sorry for the daughter, saying if knowledge of their amorous relationship gets to the public she could be antagonized.

Sadly, yes. It is ridiculous, but people are still persecuted for having consensual sex.
Detective Inspector Donatus Dickson Torda of Zongo DOVVSU told Lu News Section 105(a) Subsection II of the Criminal Code mandates the arrest of a victim of incest if he or she is above 16 years.

“She is of age, an adult…because she knows that the father is her close blood relation and the father too knows that she is his daughter, and when you go into the law, the two should be charged.”
A clear distinction needs to be made between consensual sex and assault/abuse. There are no "victims" in consensual sex. But people who have been assaulted should not be prosecuted at all. What went on here? We don't know. If this was a situation of coercion or force, she should not be banded a criminal, but he should have the book thrown at him. If this was consensual sex, it shouldn't be a criminal matter at all.
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