Thursday, April 11, 2013

Talking About Consanguinamory

There aren't a lot of a good places to seriously discuss consanguinamorous relationships that are FREE to the user and not full of "adult" images. Forums are often overrun with spam, trolls, and other noise; abandoned by the administrators; littered with actual or wanne-be predators; or lacking in worthwhile discussion as users sit around silently waiting for someone to post something that will arouse them.

Kindred Spirits forum continues to have an overall climate of active, quality discourse. That is because of the administrators and the rules they have, and the participants they have attracted. Anyone who wants to read the discussions there had better immediately read and follow the rules.

Here are more examples of the content found there.

A woman in a relationship with her brother, initiated through Genetic Sexual Attraction, wrote after dealing with a mean person in her life...
You know, I always thought I knew what love was, Someone would tell me and i'd be like awww, he/she loves me, that's nice. Since being with my brother he has shown me what true love really is. It's not something I think awww how sweet, It's actually something I feel, in my whole body, He tells me it often, but even if he didn't say the words I'd still feel his love. We chat, we laugh, we play, and even now and then cry for the lost time. We get on so well, I need him like he's the air that I breathe. He understands me, and knows my moods/needs and wants. I feel like I'm wrapped up in a big soft blanket full of love, Something I've never EVER experienced in my life. I've also experienced for the first time ever trust. My exes have all had jealousy of some kind, I've even had it. But with my brother, its the first time I don't feel jealousy, I trust him 100% and he trusts me a 100%. That's a new one for me too. I've never felt so safe and secure as I do now.
She followed up with...

I Love my brother so very much, with all that I have, He's the best thing that's every happened to me. He is my world.

GSA, whatever the reason, I'm just so glad I am where I am right now.
She wrote in another discussion...
I had a very interesting chat with [her daughter in her mid teens]. She basically told me she knew of [our] relationship. She also knew we had to 'hide' from everyone outside.
And you know what she said to me? It's very sad mum, because if people could see what I see, it's the most wonderful relationship you have with your brother, it's special, and she said it's wrong that we have to hide, and what a bunch of small minded people there are in the world.

That was a proud moment for me, to know my daughter has the understanding, and not judgmental at all. I then at that point knew I'd done a good job.

There is no good reason they should have to hide. We must keep evolving until we have relationship rights for all, including full marriage equality.

If you want a forum that is specific to Genetic Sexual Attraction, go here.

If you know of other forums worthy of attention, let me know.

For more about siblings, see Ten Myths About Sibling Consanguinamory

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  1. jesus..... that just about made me cry.. :'C Im sure her daughter is a smart and decent individual with that attitude and those observations. Or I'm sure she is and will be even more someday when shes older. (no age was specified)

  2. Where are the places half-siblings can legally marry?

    1. Unfortunately, there aren't yet US states where half-siblings can legally marry, at least not officially. I gather some HAVE, but that was because the state marrying them was unaware of their genetic relation. However, there are states that do not prosecute half-siblings for being together. As I understand it, those states include Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

      Sweden will marry some half siblings. Whether or not any US state would recognize a marriage between half siblings who married in Sweden, I don't know.


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