Thursday, April 25, 2013

Zimbabwe Still Prosecuting Consenting Adults

I found this report at and I had a difficult time believing it...

Cousins Patrick Zingwena, 24, and Josephine Muonde, 19, whose love for each other led to a sexual relationship have escaped jail and will have to perform 140 hours of community service.

They are consenting adults. Why should anyone care if they are cousins? First cousins can legally marry in many countries around the word, and such marriages are common. In about half of US states, the bigotry against marriage equality does extend to banning marriage between first cousins, but other states are more reasonable.
The two cousins, who were found naked in bed by another relative, were found guilty of having sexual intercourse within a prohibited degree of relationship by magistrate Tsatsawani Ndaba.
So another relative, probably jealous, ratted them out and Tsatsawani Ndaba went through with this farce of a prosecution.
Ndaba had sentenced the two to eight months in prison but suspended four months on condition of good behaviour while the incestuous relatives will have to refocus their sexual energies doing community service for the remaining four months.

Prosecutor Ernest Zhanda told the court that sometime last year, the two cousins were staying with their uncle Jefias in Kuwadzana when he was told that the two frequently shared the same bed.
So what???
The two admitted that they were in love and were having sexual intercourse regularly.
What's wrong with that?

The report then goes on to something with less priority...
Meanwhile, a Harare man who set his wife ablaze after pouring gallons of paraffin on her body was yesterday granted a $50 bail.

Sidwell Nyambirai, 38, was remanded out of custody to May 22 by magistrate Don Ndirowei.

It is alleged that on April 9 this year, Nyambirai set his wife on fire after having a domestic altercation with her.

The woman is said to have been rushed to Harare Hospital’s Intensive care unit where she died 10 days later.
Murder-by-arson takes second billing to consensual sex? 

Attention journalists: Domestic violence leading to murder is real crime. Consensual sex shouldn't be.

Attention lawmakers and law enforcement: Stop the absurdity of prosecuting and otherwise discriminating against adult for consensual sex.
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