Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Welcome Michael Brown Readers

In an opinion piece where one anti-equality Christian author/talk show host by the name of Michael Brown vents his disapproval of the actions of a progressive Christian Reverend, Brown links to many places, including this blog.

This blog is not about religion, and certainly not about squabbles within Christianity. I am happy to welcome all people, regardless of which, if any, religion they claim. I welcome Theists, Deists, Pantheists, Polytheists, Atheists, and anybody else who wants to learn more about why they should support relationship rights for all adults, or learn that they are not alone in their own situation.

If you read what Dr. Brown wrote closely, he didn't explain his objection to full marriage equality or what I've written at this blog. It appears to be that his religious beliefs do not support it. Well, OK, he doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to, and neither do you. You don't have to marry anyone you don't want to (even if your church pressures you to.) But should you have the right to deny other adults their consensual relationships? That is imposing your religion on them. I've addressed arguments you might have heard against marriage equality. Please take a read. You can still hold your religious beliefs and recognize that other adults should have their freedom of association.

You should also read about people who love each other very much who are being hurt as long as full marriage equality isn't in place. Why would you want to hurt them?

Full marriage equality is inevitable. Please stop trying to deny other adults their rights and instead direct your efforts to something useful, like fighting predators, feeding the hungry, providing shelter to the homeless, etc. Every minute you spend fighting equality in futility is a minute you could have spent fighting against sexual assault or molestation, or caring for people who need help.
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