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More Indication Connecticut Case Involves GSA and Jealousy

People are fascinated by aspects of the criminal case involving a father and his adult genetic daughter who had consensual sex. (It also helps generate interest that videos of the daughter with an ex-girlfriend were made and being sold.) Some people are drawn to the news becauses they like pronouncing judgment on the lives of other people who are in no way hurting them, or they want to bash the man and insist adult women don't actually enjoy sex with an older man and thus had to be coerced into such a relationship. Others are secretly curious, or even envious. Still others want to know about such criminal cases because they agree that prosecuting adults for consensual sex is a waste of law enforcement reasources and oppressive. News sources like to run news like this because it gets so much interest and generates so much talk, and when the Associated Press runs a story, then it is very easy for news outlets to carry it.

At we learn a little bit more about the rat snitch in this case.
The unidentified woman, who was of legal age, said she was introduced to Sayers as her "husband/father."

According to the police affidavit, even though she knew the sexual encounters were being filmed, she was upset that Sayers was selling the videos for $40 and pictures for $5 without her knowing. Her cousins, who live next door, were allegedly helping to distribute these pornographic videos and photos.
So the rat's cousins were involved in tbe business dispute?

We also get more explanation of the charges...
In Connecticut, incest is treated as sexual assault. Both the child and the parent can be charged if they engage in sexual intercourse with another person they know is related to him or her.
It might be hard to prove they knew they were related. A good defense could hinge on that. However, I'd very much like to see this law against a victimless "crime" be challenged. Think about it. It would be perfecly legal for them to have sex during a group sex session with each other, or one on one after meetng in a bar, just as long as they were unaware they were related. It's a stupid law. They should be freed, the charges should be dropped, and their child should returned to them.
Bethel residents were surprised to learn about the case of incest in their town.
They are very naive if this really surprised them. I guarantee they know other people involved in consensual incest. They just don't know it.
"I have two kids myself, so that's very unsettling," said Rebecca Chamberlain of Bethel.

What does that have to do with anything?

The initial news isn't enough, so some news outlets try to extend the news by doing secondary, related stories. Too bad they don't do any showing the absurdity of having laws against consanguinamory. At there's a strory with the headline "Doctors say adults who commit incest were often abused as children."...

Many people who vist doctors were abused as children, too. Many people who practice medicine were abused as children. So what? Abuse and consensual sex are two very different things.
The case of a Bethel father accused of having a sexual relationship with his daughter continues to shock those who are learning about it.

And what may come as a surprise is that sex between relatives may not be as uncommon as people may think.

That's what I said.
Sex between relatives is hard for many to even think about, but it's something that Dr. Les Lothstein, who is a clinical psychologist who counsels patients with sexual problems, has spent years listening to. 

"It's very rare that someone who has a good mental state and functions in the community does not know what they're doing is wrong, of course they know what they're doing is wrong," Lothstein said.
So if someone is happy with their sex life, they aren't going to be seeking the help of Dr. Lothstein. That includes those having consanguineous sex. Lothstein is not quoted in the article explaining what is wrong with consensual sex between adults.

Many studies have been done on sexual deviation and 95 percent of all child sex cases involve a parent or a relative with very few cases are a complete stranger, Lothstein said. And 65 percent of all sexual child abuse take place between siblings.
Abusing minors is not "sexual deviation." It is abuse. And complete strangers usually don't have private access to children. Geez, people, use some critical thinking skills.
Lothstein said adults who engage in sex with their children are most often victims themselves.
Is he talking about abusing minors, or consensual sex? Because this is a case about consensual sex, which is why the daughter was charged as well. Lothstein then goes on to bash adult media.

And what a surprise, Tiffany's mother (you know, the one Sayers said was abusing Tiffany and was having sex with Sayers and his brother at the same time) is in the the news, including the obligatory appearance at by Rachel Quigley...

The mother of a woman who allegedly had a child with her father claims she tried to tell authorities about the incestuous relationship more than five years ago but was ignored.

Vikki McConvey, from Bethel, Connecticut, said she went to police in January 2007 after she suspected there was more to her daughter Tiffany Hartford's relationship with George L. Sayers, 46, than just father and daughter.

But she said police told her that because Tiffany was over 18 at the time, nothing could be done about it.
It was OK for Vikki McConvey to have sex with Sayers, but not another grown woman? She should have minded her own business. She's sounding jealous or envious. The initial response by the police should have been the one they stuck with.

Ms McConvey said she moved back to Connecticut in 2006 so Tiffany could be near to her father who she hadn't seen since she was three years old. She broke up with Sayers in 1991.
This sounds a lot like Genetic Sexual Attraction. He did not raise her. Their attraction to each other was a normal reaction to the circumstances.
She wanted to list her as a runaway after Sayers took his daughter to Florida but again police said because she was 18 there was nothing they could do. 

'I said to them, "Even if she was having relations with her father?"' It was something McConvey suspected 'because they insisted on sharing the same bed.'
So her daughter is 18 and she's still trying to control her. And notice that even she said they insisted on sharing the same bed, not he.

She also revealed to The News Times that Tiffany was abused for years by another person who was later prosecuted for the crime.

'That is why she turned out the way she is,' Ms McConvey said of the 23-year-old.
What way is that? A mother who is happily together with the father of her child? So far, I haven't heard that Tiffany was out robbing banks or beating people up or abusing anyone. It is terrible that Tiffany was abused in the past. It is also bad that she's now being abused because of unjust laws. She didn't have the power to to say "no" to her abuser, and now when she has the power to say "yes" and "no" that power is being taken away from her by bigotry.
Although she hadn't seen her daughter for several months before her arrest, McConvey said she instinctively knew something was wrong.

'It was just the way that they were always together. Like they both put on their Facebook pages that they were married but didn't mention who their spouses were,' she said.

'I didn't know what to think. I'd hope that it was just a father-and-daughter thing and nothing else.

'I tried to talk to Tiffany into coming home with me. She wouldn't. She wanted to get to know her father more, she told me.'
Sounds like she was in love. How awful that anyone would try to deny her that.

The plot thickens even more in this article at by Libor Jany and John Pirro...
McConvey acknowledged that, after a failed marriage, she was also hoping to rekindle her relationship with Sayers, whom she left in 1991.

But, she said, that hope fizzled quickly.
But if she couldn't have him, nobody was going to have him. Right? She sure showed him.
"I was going to give him a chance and hoped that he had bettered himself, but that was not the case," McConvey said.
By taking Sayers' daughter away from him, and then bringing her back so much later, McConvey created a situation that causes Genetic Sexual Attraction.

There is no good reason to prosecute George Sayers and Tiffany Hartford.
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