Saturday, December 22, 2012

Defense Lawyer Needed in Consenting Adults Case

Over at, Mark Langlois brings us an update on the prosecution in Connecticut of a genetic father and his adult daughter for the "crime" of having consensual sex. This is a case that appears to be a matte of Genetic Sexual Attraction.
George Sayers, who is out on a $750,000 bond, was denied a public defender Friday in Danbury Superior Court.
Can't someone from the ACLU get involved? I know this wasn't set up as a test case, but perhaps the ridiculous laws can be successfully challenged?
Judge Joseph Doherty told Sayers the next time he shows up in court he must appear with an attorney. The court date is scheduled for Jan. 25.
Judge Doherty, why not simply throw the case out? Don't you feel silly interfering in the consensual sex lives of other adults?

Hartford appeared at her hearing in Danbury Superior Court about an hour before Sayers.

Judge Doherty told the court he received two letters about Miss Hartford, one from Danbury Hospital and one from Western Connecticut Mental Health Network. He said the letters were complimentary to Hartford, and he said he wanted to say that for the record. He said she should continue to be compliant with what the programs ask her to do, and work on her issues.
Looks like her biggest issue is that strangers are trying to control what she does with her own sexuality.

Stop prosecuting adults for consensual sex! Stop tearing families apart due to your own personal prejudices! There's no good reason for this prosecution.

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  1. ACLU involvement starts with the defendant(s) contacting their state and / or local ACLU chapter and asking for help. Did they ask ACLU for assistance?

  2. This is crazy. I agree, they should not be prosecuted, they should be left alone to enjoy their lives together. Here's hoping that things go well for them, but I have my doubts that they will. :(



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