Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Finally a Solid Argument Against Consanguinamory

Just kidding. In the Times of Zambia, Jones Munang'andu wrote a piece with the headline of "Medical implications of incest." After trying to make a couple of the usual Discredited Arguments, we get this...
Recent studies have indicated that incest, although rarely discussed, is a continuing problem in modern society.

Sexual molestation by family members is a recurring form of child abuse.

Hmmm. It is irresponsible to fail to make a distinction between consensual sex between adults and adults molesting or assaulting minors. But what should we expect when the next thing written is this...
In the set of our genetic predisposition, there is nothing abnormal as incestuous sexual orientation or homosexuality as orientation, NO!
A denial of the existence of gays and lesbians. What is this, Iran?

In my opinion, if you plant an incestuous behavior in your family then it would be reflected as a form of a case in your generation to come.

In an instance were you commit suicide today it would rain in your family bloodline like a cancer and this may apply to instances of tribalism, prostitution, adultery, fornication, unfaithfulness and so much more.

Wha...? Consensual sex is like suicide... raining cancer? Tribalism?...?
We cannot tell yet how this happens but if we concentrate on eliminating the gene of ‘sin’ if it exists then all these factors can be eliminated.

We may associate poor dressing to poverty but there are many rich people women especially who cannot afford descent clothing or dressing.

It says there the "author is a motivational speaker, health commentator and health practitioner." Really?!? Maybe it's just me, but that read like a transcript from someone sitting on a park bench, rambling on to nobody in particular. What's funny, though, it is that his "reasons" to be against gay or consanguineous relationships are pretty much the same as those of professional opponents of marriage equality.
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