Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Needing a Loveline From Dr. Drew

Television show host Dr. Drew again put a one-sided presentation of Genetic Sexual Attraction on the air. See this previous coverage for background on this. With awareness of GSA still barely emerging in the general public and with so few resources, it is a shame that such a limited view of GSA is presented, promoting a book and a subscription service that usurped an established, free discussion forum, narrowing the discussion both in availability and tone. Instead, as always, I recommend for help, understanding, and meeting others involved. Notice that is not about one, two, or three people who are trying to make a name for themselves but about and for people who have been touched by GSA, whether they are the person experiencing GSA is dealing with someone who is.

The reaction of one woman who is happily living in a spousal relationship with her brother?
That woman hasn't got a bloody clue on GSA, she didn't have a sexual relationship with him, and she only met him 4 times. She blames him totally, that was NO GSA relationship.
Here's what the site said to promote the show...
Genetic sexual attraction is the strange phenomenon of parents and children who develop an erotic attraction after years of separation. Julie DeNeen experienced this bizarre reality after being reunited with her long lost biological father. The attraction was mutual - her father had the same feelings. What followed was a deeply unhealthy and inappropriate relationship. The experience rocked Julie's marriage and her emotional life.
Of course GSA can be very problematic when it interferes with previously happy & healthy closed relationships or involves minors under the age of consent for the location of residence. But there are adults in lasting, healthy, happy relationships initiated through Genetic Sexual Attraction, and they don't need law enforcement to interfere, and they certainly don't need people involved in GSA discussions wagging their fingers.

From Julie's blog...

And now, it is time to break the F5 button while I watch to see what impact this has on my book.
If you or someone you know may be experiencing Genetic Sexual Attraction, please see this page. I'm not selling anything.This blog is a labor of love.
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  1. Seems I'll say this for the second time on your blog today, another money grabber, knows nothing of her subject, She's not even experienced GSA, sounds like her dad has though, he's had a very lucky escape...Poor man, hope he finds if he needs support.

    That woman is very dangerous, She is going to do a lot of damage to the awareness of GSA.

    She really should do some more research before she even begins to think she can do interviews and write books on GSA. Think I'll give that book a miss.....

  2. I tried my best to fight Julie's odd views on the old forum. Sad to see that self-promotion was more important to her than healing. That explains the weight gain.



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