Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Best Part of Waking Up is Knowing Love Conquers Hate

I am bumping up this entry because the advertisement in question is getting much attention again. The comments expressed below are typical of the attacks popping up on blogs.

There was more questioning of the Folgers ad, along the lines of the previous mocking I wrote about here. Kristi Gustafson Barlette asked, “Dear Folgers, What’s With the Incest?”

As an adult, I associate Folgers with church basements (they always seem to be cooking up instant coffee at church) — and warm and fuzzy holiday commercials.

The one circulating this year, though, is just … icky.

R and I were watching TV the other day and it came on. At first, I thought the man was coming home from overseas to see his girlfriend. But, um, no — it’s his sister.

Why can’t she be both?

There were many comments left disparaging affection between siblings.

crabby old emily had a positive comment…

I have never felt this commercial implied anything but a sister happy to see her big brotherI Its not abnormal for little girls to have crushes on their big brothers or for brothers to notice a budding sexuality in little sisters,
That doesn’t meant they want to ravish each other.

CoolMom responded with an attack…

OK, I have 3 older bros and NEVER had a crush on any of them and I HIGHLY DOUBT one of them noticed my “budding sexuality”! WHAT?! THAT is creepy…

Since CoolMom doesn’t remember ever having a crush on an older brother, that is supposed to mean that no girls or boys could ever have possibly had crushes on an older brother. It is ridiculous. People can be different. Some people are attracted to people with darker skin, some attracted to people with lighter skin. Some people are attracted to someone of the same gender. We're not all going to have the same attractions.

Other people also attacked emily’s comment.

Here’s what Kevin Marshall had to say about the ad. He wrote “Folgers would like you to have sex with your brother this holiday season.”

First he comes to the door to meet his sister, who immediately identifies herself as Sister and gives him a big hug.

Things get weird around the 30 second mark, when West African Jesus and Sister start acting like they want to have sex with each other until their spot is blown up by their parents:

Apparently, the best part of waking up is preventing your children from engaging in incest.

It saddens me to think there are siblings out there who are affectionate, whether in a sexual or nonsexual way, who read or hear attacks like this, and get the message that they have to hide, or that they should feel bad about sharing such affection.

Young people need to know that sex is not a bad thing, and mutual affection is not a bad thing. If someone else is disgusted by their love or affection, that is that other person’s problem. It should not be a problem for those who love each other. We need full marriage equality sooner rather than later, along with general sexual and relationship rights, so that love can overcome hate.
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  1. LOL I love the lady's comment that just because she didn't go through the same's totally crazy and impossible for someone else to go through something different. I swear, I think it's true when people are saying that people are more sheltered these days and can hang more around groups that have their own views, thanks to the internet. Therefore, they don't understand when someone else has a different view because they haven't been around gets annoying having to deal with those people. LOL
    We'll get more positive comments Keith, don't worry. The future always leans toward justice...even if ever so slowly.


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