Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good News in the US

I almost couldn't say it better than this from the Gay Marriage USA Facebook page:
Tonight was truly AWESOME! (1) The first president to support marriage equality, Barack Obama, was re-elected (2) We won marriage equality in Maine, Maryland and Washington (3) Minnesota rejected a proposed ban on same-sex marriage and (4) Tammy Baldwin became the first openly gay/lesbian person to win a US Senate position! We are moving FORWARD indeed.

I would only qualify that the limited same-gender freedom to marry, which is  what President Obama has publicly supported, is what won in most of the votes, although defeating the Minnesota constitutional amendment was also potentially good for poly people. It isn't really marriage equality unless every adult is free to marry any consenting adults (and have protections against discrimination) because equality "just for some" is not equality. There will be more freedom to marry in Maine, Maryland, and  Washington, but not full marriage equality.

It's definitely a victory and lots of progress! Congratulations to monogamist nonconsanguineous LBGT people! And congratulations to all Americans for progress!

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  1. It is good news indeed. I offer my congratulations to those people who can now marry the ones they truly love that could not do so before. Let us hope that this wave of progress continues.


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