Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Possible Case of GSA Brings Criminal Conviction in Samoa

In an outrageously intrusive and wasteful use of law enforcement resources, two adults are set to be criminally sentenced for having consensual sex with each other. Unumoe Esera reports at

Samoa’s Court House at Mulinu’u
A brother and sister appeared before the Supreme Court yesterday on 14 counts of incest. Justice Vui Clarence Nelson ordered a suppression order for all details pertaining to the identities of both defendants.
According to the summary of facts, the brother is 24 years old and the sister is 22

They are both adults! What is the problem?
The sexual relations between the siblings took place at the young woman’s house as she was raised with her twin sister by her mother’s brother at a different village and grew up there separately from her brother who was raised by her father’s brother.

Sounds like this might be Genetic Sexual Attraction.
The sexual relationship started 27 September and through several occasions and dates until 3rd of October.
 Seven days... fourteen counts of incest... you do the math. Good for them!
On the 27 and 28 September, the family members suspected that a relationship of a sexual nature was taking place between the two. They apologized to their relatives for their behaviour when they were finally discovered.

On 9 October, the young woman was questioned by police at the station and she pleaded guilty to the charge. Police questioned the young man 12 October and both pleaded guilty before the Court on the 23 October.
Why did their family rat them out? They should have been supportive, rather than jealous, envious, and hateful.
The maximum penalty for incest is seven years in prison. Both the defendants are first time offenders.
Justice Nelson, please set them free.

The pair will now be sentenced 19 November 2012.

There was no victim, until this unjust prosecution took place. Now there are two victims: the defendants. An adult should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any consenting adults, without prosecution, bullying, or discrimination.
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  1. I can't understand how their family could do this to them...Everytime I read about consensual adults being prosecuted, the more my heart sinks and the more I realise that society will never accept this type of relationship. There are too many bigots out there unfortunately :(

    1. It is sad, but on the plus side, we ARE making progress! News items, legislation, fiction, online discussions, and correspondence I get indicates this. IT DOES GET BETTER! It is true, though, that we need it to get better sooner rather than later.

  2. Its clearly explains who is the real family members and who wishes the well being of ones activities. Their family members spoils their life, So unjustice..... - Sharath


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