Monday, November 19, 2012

Consanguinamory Between Siblings Prompts a Mother's Call

I always appreciate when readers of this blog refer me to something of relevance I might otherwise miss. A friend who wants to remain anonymous caught something interesting on yesterday's edition of the "The Jesus Christ Show." It's an call-in advice radio show in which the host, in character as a theologically conservative (if somewhat less conservative socially) Jesus Christ, does monologues and answers questions from callers. The calls range from religious questions to problems someone is having in their life.
The Jesus Christ show is interactive radio theater designed to teach people about themselves and the historical person of Jesus.

Nationally syndicated, the Jesus Christ show can be heard accross the US. The producer of the the Jesus Christ show, Neil Saavedra, likens the show to a history teacher dressing up like Abraham Lincoln or Benjamin Franklin to help people put flesh on the bones of history.

Saavedra is the person actually playing Jesus. The show is on the air for three hours, and the podcast I found is all "three hours," but since the podcast eliminates the advertisements, news, etc., it is under two hours. If you download it and go to the 1 hour 32 minute mark, shortly after that "Jesus" takes a call from a woman who has a problem with her on of her adult sons. He's moved away, become a father, and cut off contact with her. As it turns out, when her son and his sister were about 14/15 years old, like many other siblings that age, they experimented sexually with each other. The caller links her discovery of these past events (as her daughter told her) with her son ceasing communication. However, it would have been nice to hear from either her daughter or the son, as this woman didn't know what was going on at the time, and is only going to have limited knowledge of it now.

The caller states that she thinks her daughter was actually in love with her son. She also states that their grandmother knew, and that the grandmother didn't say anything to the caller because the daughter requested she not.

Saavedra takes the position that the behavior was seriously wrong without giving any practical or religious reason why. He even tries to get the caller to give some indication that something was seriously wrong with the family, asking if there had been alcohol abuse involved or that her husband had abused the children, but the caller shot those suggestions down. The caller asked why she was being "punished." At least "Jesus" called her out on that, although not for the right reasons. It is not punishment for your teenagers to get along that well. Maybe if people were more informed of the realities, they wouldn't assume they had done something wrong in raising their children.

It is entirely possible that these were two teens enjoying each other, perhaps one or both of them conflicted over whether or not it could be more. It happens every day in homes around the world, both in dysfunctional families and in families where things are good.

Unless the daughter indicates that her brother was abusive, the caller might be able to re-establish contact with him by sending him a letter stating that she understands what happened was normal and there's no reason for him to stay away.
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