Thursday, January 23, 2014

Coverage of Genetic Sexual Attraction Case

Ignorance abounds when it comes to Genetic Sexual Attraction, as evidenced by both many of the journalists writing about the Mistie Atkinson case and certainly the people commenting on the stories. Outlets all over the word have covered the story, most just reprinting versions of the same two or three articles. [I am bumping this up because a news outlet decided to print this story as if it just happened.]

Here it is at The headline?
Mom who made sex tape with son, 16, is jailed for four years... but says it was just a case of 'genetic attraction' after they were reunited after 15 years apart
That makes it sound like she was making a video to show others.
Mistie Rebecca Atkinson, 32, was sentenced to four years and eight months behind bars in Napa County Superior Court, California on Wednesday.

It came after she was found in a Ukiah, California motel room with the 16-year-old boy, who had recorded his mother giving him oral sex on his phone.
 So he recorded it.

Caught: They were found together in a motel room after relatives learned of their explicit Facebook messages
Here's the coverage at

Here is it at

Here it is at

Even a site called printed the article.

Seamus O'Riley blogged the NY Daily News article.

Here is one of the comments...

equinox displayed complete ignorance of GSA... 
When is a rose not a rose? Incest by any other name smells so sweet. Let's play innocence by semantics today! 
Must be nice to be so sure that nobody else could possibly experience something you haven't.

And there were several comments from people who said she must have intended to assault him from the start. After all, why else would a woman care about seeing the person to whom she gave birth? Ignorance abounds.

Here is the coverage, and the coverage, and the coverage, where she is called crazy. Finally, see this blog for the same sort of thing, where she os called "sicko."

This was most certainly not incest in the sociological sense. She was not the boy's guardian. She did not raise the boy. She should be treated no more harshly than any other 32 year-old woman who does the same things with a 16 year-old boy in the state of California. If anything, the sentences in GSA cases that don't involve violence should be more lenient and focus on counseling.
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  1. People getting so involved in people's sexual relationships...kinda creepy if you ask me o__O LOL they are probably looking for another relationship that they consider "worse" than theirs to let off their steam c:

  2. Yep, most bigots have realized the game has been lost for other things such as same sex marriage and interracial marriage so they're rallying under the next easiest target. They need a target, most people do anyways. Especially if they are feeling morally inferior and need to fill their morality quota.


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