Monday, March 18, 2013

The Biggest Problem Seems to Be Prejudice

Here's an article about Teresa Weiler, who search for information about her biological parents and found out they were brother and sister.

Until then all she knew about her past was that she had been abandoned at birth by her mother and then spent three years in an orphanage before being adopted.

Sad. Perhaps if her mother had been supported, that wouldn't have happened. At least she was adopted.

The article then references Penny Lawrence and Garry Ryan.

But it was not only their relationship that enraged Sun readers - it was their decision to have a baby.

Even though their child could be born with mental or physical disabilities, six-weeks-pregnant Penny said she would terminate the foetus if scans showed a problem.

Every pregnancy involves risk of producing a child with mental or physical disabilities.

Today angry Teresa warns the couple that heartache and possible physical problems lie ahead for them. She has been plagued by poor health and decided to be CHILDLESS for fear she could pass on a genetic defect.

I'm sorry Teresa has physical problems. Would she rather not have been born? Most children born to consanguineous parents are okay.

"This child will undoubtedly find out the secret about Penny and Garry's relationship as they have spoken so brazenly about it in public. It will be very confusing and mentally damaging for that child."

It doesn't have to be if we can reduce prejudice against consanguinamory.

Teresa, a manager at a children's home, was left in hospital by her birth mother and spent her first three years in an orphanage in Brentwood, Essex.

From there, she was adopted by Terence and Truda Weiler and enjoyed a happy, loving childhood with two older brothers and a younger sister.

There's something to be said for that. It is a good thing she was born.

Finding this out hit me hard. The idea I was the child of incest made me feel dirty.

Why? Your parents clearly loved each other.

Social services had written that my mother was a 16-year-old unmarried waitress from Belfast.

"They named my father as her 14-year-old brother. I felt physically sick by what I read.

Why? Would it have been better if her teenaged mother had been impregnated by a stranger?

"It was a shock to see my birth mother and she was with a man who she introduced as her friend. They looked alike and I looked like both of them. To this day I believe it was her brother - my father."

If they were still together, that's saying a lot. How many relationships between teenagers last? If they had been supported more, they could have raised their daughter themselves. Teresa does have one medical issue, as the article describes, but most of the population deals with at least one medical issue. The biggest problem for her seems to be prejudice and self-loathing, unfortunately. Acceptance would go a long way to making things better.

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  1. Sad story. I read it on the site, poor lady. However it seemed to me that her upbringing as catholic with the strict values helped compound her initial societal learned gut reaction, making for a devastating issue. I feel for her. But I can also understand why her parents packed up shop and change phone lines. If I were her parents and my child that I had left due to reasons I felt necessary, just to have them come back angry when trying to talk to them about it, I can't blame them. Her parents were already scared, being outwardly angry like that didn't help the situation. Also some topics she didn't bring up in the article, is that the osteoarthritis may not have come from her parents' relationship. I know plenty of people who have osteoarthritis who are all unrelated. Then to become angry and guilty of herself and blaming it on them as if they were the cause of her life problems is silly. I understand, we've all had sad moments in our life, and have been in similar depressed states where we feel we are the size of an ant who is always doing the wrong thing, and it is clearly everyone else's fault, but with bad timing, poor discernment, bad judgement, and control of emotions it can cause the people you've been trying to find in your life to leave you forever. Then to make a decision to not have kids of your own, even when you may not pass it on to them? Indeed she has "sacrificed a large part of her life because of my parents" as she said, but not because of her parents. Because of herself. Sad days ahead... :'C

  2. Acceptance would change so much in the world. Sad sad sad.. :c


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