Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One Woman Sees Advantages in Polyandry

Jenny Sharpe of Thunder Bay responded to an article on Sister Wives/polygyny with what she sees as the possible advantages of polyandry (one woman, multiple men.)
In times of extreme global population growth and economic uncertainty why not consider “brother-husbands” family units instead?

Since I support full marriage equality, I do think people should be free to choose polyandry as well as any other marital polycule or monogamous combination.
Would it not make sense economically for four men and one woman to pool their economic resources?

Anyone pooling their resources can make sense: a man and a woman, two men, two women, three men, three women, two men and one women, etc.
We have gone from 800-square foot two-bedroom bungalows to palatial mansions in North America as family homes, which would be plenty of room for larger family units. With more adults contributing economically, it would be easier for a family to pay the mortgage, utilities and avoid foreclosure. Economic savings could then be invested in the education of the family’s offspring, or pay for a boat and motor, etc.
This family unit could be reasonably self-sufficient. If a woman chose with care, one handyman husband could replace everything from roof shingles to furnace to maintaining family vehicles. Another might be skilled at gardening or doing household accounts. One might have great prowess in intellectual pursuits and dinner conversations and one could provide musical entertainment at said parties with little need to contract such tasks out.

Sounds great.

These suggestions are often made in jest, but some people are laughing all the way to a better life.
A weakness of the “sister-wife” unit is the large number of children which might result. A “brother-husband” family unit could not produce 16 offspring (as the polygamous family of reality TV fame has done with one man and four wives). Instead, these units would heroically reduce population growth.

They would do it by their own choices, which is fine by me.
We’ve been told it takes a village to raise a child. Surely, children would thrive in the care of five loving adults rather than the traditional two.

It often works that way in deliberate poly situations; certainly better than most "monogamous" situations in which multipe stepparents who are hostile to each other are involved.
Family responsibilities such as taking a vacation day to attend school trips, or missing pay to pick up a sick child from school could more efficiently be juggled by five adults, especially when grandparents live miles away.

This is all true. Polyandry, polygyny, or whatever, let people decide for themselves. An adult, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion, should be free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any and all consenting adults, without prosecution, bullying, or discrimination.
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  1. going to add these reasons to my collection bay for arguments later! lol Whats funny is I had a big family when I was younger, and now that I am an adult, a majority of our family that we had here on our farm have since left/died/got on drugs and are running around in the dope game. But now it is incredibly hard getting anything done, or even surviving, managing to get to work and back etc especially if its a snow day or school is called off or if someone gets sick. So speaking from experience, its true that multiple adults are better at raising children than fewer. Not to mention that any child is 'everyones' responsibility when it comes down to it. I grew up in a small town, and remember crying and whining in the store with my mom who told me to shush, and then later while she wasnt looking I ran to another isle and was goofing off, only to be picked up and whipped by a total stranger...O.O... So I straightened real real quick. She then grabbed me by my shirt collar and dragged me back to my mom and told her what happened. Then, it wasn't really the beating that caused me to straighten up, but more of the dreading of going back to my family, and 'feeling' the disappointment from them. Sorry I'm digressing, but that came to mind when I read the 'takes a village to raise a child,' and it's true. sometimes 1 or 2 or even 3 isn't enough, and the more the easier. With that being said, I completely support full marriage equality and removal of useless laws that crimilaize lovers and either the implentation of new laws upholding civil unions, or complete seperation of it from the government, leaving it to those involved in the relationship. I've been reading and at first I too had the gut reaction against related couples, (lol) but the truth is now I feel the worst for them. It's crazy to think I could go to jail to the equivalent of a murderer for falling in love with someone who is related to me that I have no prior relationship to such as those who are born from sperm banks, or even worse those who have it in private who have to hide it from their own families for fear that they may lose everything. Really is sad. So yes, we should implement full marriage equality. Enough said.

  2. Seems to be the most fulfilling life a woman will ever have!
    Who on earth in their right mind would have only one man for several women? One man certainly can not satisfy one woman. Much less several, especially if he is an old f…!
    One man can not even honestly keep up with the sexual,financial, or emotional needs much more than 15% of the time.
    A w

  3. Seems as though the 20th century is making polyandry seem the only viable Answer to actual female gratification.
    Think about it.
    Todays men do not or can not remotely properly provide for their wife, mainly because they aren't raised to BE providers in the first place.
    Interestingly enough however, some men actually kind of get it naturally if they like their sqeeze enough to keep her.
    Even then they are only capable of maybe a 15-25% ratio.
    I find polygamy to be a joke when its a scenerio of one man versus more than one woman, as one man is not even capable of just one woman's monetary,sexual or emotional needs.( by the way whoever said women arent as sexual as men is a retard)
    However, POLYANDRY seems to be the most fulfilling scenerio for women in today's world. Why not?? Each woman should have no less than 4. With complete sexual satisfaction & provision with a friend always near and a man to protect you always near, why would a woman choose anything less?
    If i could live a polyandry lifestyle, I WOULD!


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