Monday, March 11, 2013

The Dymanics of Consanguinamory

Kindred Spirits forum continues to be a great (and free!) place for people with consanguinamory experiences and relationships, and others interested in the topic, to get together for quality discussion. If you want to participate there, be sure to immediately read and follow the rules, or you'll get kicked right out.

As one person wrote...
This is a first for me. I've come across a handful of similar sites, but this is the first I've seen that seems to be a bit more serious and subject-oriented; which is why I decided to give it a shot
Here's an example. Someone brought up the subject of siblings who were active with each other while going through high school...
Just wandering what some of the other [people] on here went thru in high school ( if your relationship started by then ) . Where you interested in others or just your Incestual loved one .... was a little rough for me and very confusing

Bearsbaby, who was interviewed here, wrote...
Simple for me this one..... 

I have only ever loved and been with one man my whole life, and that's my darling brother. So there has never been any confusion for me, even at high school, the only one for me was my brother.  

We had been in a relationship for a few years before we were eventually found out by our parents, but after all the arguements etc that entailed, they realised that we actually had something quite special. So in many ways we are very lucky to have a very supportive family, but at a cost of having to lose contact with our eldest brother purely to protect ourselves. 

As for other guys asking me out or girls asking him out, well there is one golden rule.....

You never mess with a true highlander hehehehe

If I needed backing up with a boy, my brother would 'warn them off' so to speak, and I would do the same for him. We always knew we had to be very secretive, especially where we lived at the time, as we lived in a village, but when ever we could get time together, we loved every moment, although as the years passed on it did become harder to try and hide things away. 
In a different discussion discussing the dynamics of consanguinamorous relationships, one woman wrote...

As for me and my father, I am just his daughter when we talk about money, finances, the economy or world events. But when the subject turns to having sex I am his woman and he is my man except when we do the occasional real life role play of me calling him 'daddy' when we are doing it, but that has become less frequent as our relationship has grown over the years.

There is no reason why these people should be denied their rights or why they should have to hide. If you are in a consanguinamorous relationship and want to talk with others, without all of the noise found in other forums, check out KS.
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