Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Civil Rights Just For Some

Some people support increasing the freedom to marry, but not full marriage equality. Most of these people can’t give a good reason why they have that view. Joanna supported same-sex couples (nonconsanguineous?) but was very careful to make it clear that she didn’t support consenting adults having consanguineous sex. But the good news is she did recognize she didn’t know why. So she asked about this.

Around the world (as far as I know,) incest - and I will define that as any sexual or romantic relationship between two people of the same family (obviously aside from a husband or wife) that branches out to at least 3rd cousins - is widely unaccepted.

This is false. In some cultures, marrying a cousin is a norm. There are states in the US where first cousins can legally marry. Closer relatives can marry in some other countries. See this map.

Okay so with that in mind, I just wonder why it is so intolerable.

Some people find the idea disgusting, sometimes because of how they feel about their own family members. Then, some of those people try to extrapolate that disgust into “everyone should be like me” and insist something must be wrong with people who aren’t like them, and this they become intolerant. Some people, for various reasons (prejudices, personal feelings, misinformed, sense of superiority) want people to only be allowed to have monogamous heterosexual relationships with partners who aren’t close relatives. And for some people, it is a matter of denial; they are attracted to a family member but don't want to admit it.

Again, I DO NOT SUPPORT INCEST, but I wonder why we are so against it. Basically, I know that I think it's unacceptable, but I don't know why I think it's unacceptable.

If she did some more thinking, she'd see the condemnation is not based on reality.

The main reason I can think of us being so against it is because when two people of the same family reproduce, their baby will most likely be deformed or have some sort of defect.

Most people do not believe sex is only for reproduction. But the assertion is incorrect. The baby will not “most likely be deformed.” Most babies born to these relationships are healthy.

To me, that seems like a valid reason to stay away from your brother, sister, and cousin.

It would be a valid reason not to reproduce with them… if it was true, which is isn’t.

Now, follow me with this one. Let me just say before I get any further that I SUPPORT THE RIGHTS OF GAYS, and I support gay couples, I don't think they're freaks or morally wrong, I don't think that they deserve anything less than straight people do, and I don't think that being gay is a choice.


So if we're following this whole not really being able to reproduce idea, then why is it okay in my eyes for two gay people to be together, when they can't even make a baby at all?

We don’t require people to reproduce. I’m not sure why, in her eyes, same-sex relationships were okay but consanguineous relationships were not. She would know better than us, and she wasn't able to tell us why. People who have that position should reconsider it. Why would anyone deny the freedom to marry to these lovers?
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