Thursday, March 7, 2013

Prudes, Bigots Act Suprised Academia Recognizes Sexual Diversity

As more and more people recognize and discuss gender, sexuality, and relationship diversities (GSRD), uptight prudes and power-hungry bigots scream in frustrated futility as they try to shove everyone into closets, turn off the lights, and stick their fingers in their ears. As they have done many times before, they are bemoaning the fact that university students are actually interested in learning about and discussing GSRD, and so they focus on one or two aspects of the discussion in order to rile up the pearl-clutchers.

Katherine Timpf of blew the dog   whistle this time. At, , apparently a compulsive user of scare quotes, wrote a piece headlined with "Yale hosts bestiality and incest sensitivity training."
The title of the workshop was, "Sex: Am I Normal?"

The "sexual diversity" they were referring to, however, had little to do with "alternative" lifestyles, such as homosexuality, lesbianism, bi-sexuality, or transgenderism. Instead, it was about bestiality, masochism, paid sex, and incest.

The sensitivity training was hosted by a "sexologist" who, apparently, also owns a sex shop in West Chester, Pa. Her name is Dr. Jill McDevitt.

Regarding the workshop, "Dr. McDevitt" says:

"It tries to get people to be more sexual diversity. We're not all heterosexual, able-bodied folks who have standard missionary sex."

Does "Alberto Vargas" disagree with that?

Apparently, during the workshop, the attendees (which reportedly numbered from about 40 to 50) were surveyed, anonymously.

The survey showed that 3 percent of those present had engaged in bestiality (sex with animals), 9 percent admitted to having accepted money for sex, and 52 percent had engaged in "consensual pain" during sex.
The details matter, but sensationalistic coverage like this isn't going to include details.
Giuliana Berry, who was apparently the "event director" indicated that the purpose of the workshop was to encourage young people to not "judge" those who engage in such acts. Instead, they are to respond with "understanding" and "compassion".

""People do engage in some of these activities that we believe only, for example, perverts engage in. What the goal is, is to increase compassion for people who may engage in activities that are not what you would personally consider normal.”
What's wrong with that? Why would anyone think it is better for people to sit around stewing over what other people have done or fantasized about in private, or to think they are all alone in the things they have done or fantasized about themselves?

As Katherine Timpf pointed out in her piece, this workshop was just part of what is called, "Yale's Sex Weekend", which is held every other year at Yale.

But the headline "Many different subjects discussed during Yale's Sex Weekend" wouldn't be as attention-grabbing. is always good for flashy headline. This one was "Revealed: Yale hosts sex workshops where students admit to bestiality, incest fantasies and prostitution."

And finally there's with the headline "Ivy League Campus Reportedly Hosts Workshop Encouraging ‘Compassion’ & ‘Understanding’ for Bestiality, Incest."

The Yale event was organized by a board of 7 students and sponsored by the Yale Women’s Center, among other groups.  Apparently turnout was limited to about 55 students.

The Daily News has still more shocking information from the lecture:
At Saturday’s workshop, multiple student-submitted discussions topics were about sexual fantasies involving family members. When students shared their thoughts on incest, three responses were related to fantasies about fathers.
Emphasis theirs. If I had to bet one way or the other on this, I would bet that at least three of the people present had some amount of actual consensual sexual exploration or interaction with a family member, probably a sibling.

This blog is about relationship rights for consenting adult humans, but we know sexual experiences are varied. Fantasies are even more diverse. A good university is going to welcome discussions on matters of sexuality, and that is going to include many things. What is shocking is that adults working in media would be surprised by this.

Next we'll read "Students Learning to Make Explosives" in reference to a standard Chemistry course.

Here's a video to give you a better idea of what is really going on...

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