Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Florida is Still Prosecuting Consenting Adults

The overwhelming majority of consanguinamorous relationships never result in an arrest or prosecution. In fact, right now, as you read this, there are people engaged in consanguinamory not too far from where you are, whether you like that or not. Unfortunately, sometimes people aren't as careful as they should be.

The latest case getting international media coverage is from the state of Florida. Much weird news comes out of Florida, but this is weird primarily in that consenting adults are being prosecuted for consensual (to be redundant) sex.

According to Panama City arrest records, a father and daughter were arrested Tuesday and charged with incest.
Police arrested Justin Bunn, 39, and Taylor Bunn, 19.
So they are consenting adults.
Police arrest records state the father and daughter were witnessed having sex in their backyard on Wakulla Avenue in Panama City.
So someone ratted them out. We don't know the condition of the backyard. Did the neighbors have to strain to see them or not? Depending on the condition of the backyard, I could see issuing them a warning or a ticket, but charging them with a serious crime is ridiculous and a waste of resources. The neighbors should have gone to them sometime later and requested they be more discreet, rather than ratting them out. Notice the charge isn't for public exposure.

The arrest records state the both Justin and Taylor Bunn admitted to having consensual sex in post-Miranda confessions.
As ridiculous as it is that consensual (to be redundant) sex is a crime, Americans have the right to remain silent at they should exercise it. Even if the police seem to know everything already.
Both Bunns were in court Wednesday. Justin Bunn's bond was set at $5,000 and Taylor Bunn's bond was set at $1,000. Both were ordered by a judge to not have contact with each other.

Outrageous. What is the harm of them having contact? There is no good reason for this to be a criminal matter. What a waste of resources.

The case was covered at
Cops picked up a Florida man and his teen daughter after disturbed neighbours reported seeing them engage in “missionary” style sex in their backyard.
The newspapers play the coverage off like it is shocking, but they include unnecessarily salacious details. Makes me wonder.
According to a police affidavit, Bunn admitted to having “consensual” sex with his offspring but stated it was an “isolated incident.”
Again, don't admit to anything. Once is enough for the unconstitutional law to be applied
What's the point of having their pictures, names, and street published? What danger are they? Are that does is open them up to attack from bigots. Journalists and editors need to be more careful.

The case was covered by The Smoking Gun.

Finally, here's coverage from at
This is not the first incident when a father and daughter had consensual sex.
Really?!? REALLY?!?

OF COURSE IT ISN'T. It has happening every day, all over the planet, and has for all of human history. But that line was inserted so that they could go on to stick it to consenting adults whose cases we already covered on this blog.

This is a victimless "crime" and it shouldn't be a crime in the first place. They should be allowed to marry, if they want. Some would say the daughter is being abused, but if that is the case, why is she charged with a crime, too? It's all so infuriating. It doesn't matter who is shocked or disgusted. These are consenting adults and they should be free to be together how they mutually agree. This is yet another example of why we need full marriage equality sooner rather than later.

If you're in a relationship with a close relative with whom you've living, please be careful. Figure out how to protect your privacy.
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  1. Another sad case of government interference in people's private lives! If you don't support such cruel, unjust, discriminatory crimes against human rights as arresting people for adult consensual incest (ACI) sign this petition:


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