Friday, March 30, 2018

Bea Mitchell Asks Some Good Questions

An article at by is headlined with "Why can't gay or lesbian twins have sex with or marry each other? Why is incest wrong between same-sex siblings?"

To which we say:

1) Some do.
2) They should be free to.
3) It's not.

But let's get to what's actually in the article.
For one, incest is illegal/frowned upon/no good because of inbreeding. Children of biologically-related parents have a higher possibility of congenital birth defects.
That's Discredited Argument #18.
Although some anthropologists have argued that incest taboos are learned social conventions, they point out that even animals and plants have evolved and developed mechanisms to prevent incest.
Some have. Some are more likely to mate with close relatives.

It’s not just that it seems utterly grim to shag your relative.
Maybe for you. Not for everyone. For some people, that's what seems the best. Some people are consanguinamorous in orientation.
In many places, sleeping with one’s sibling is punishable by prison time, though others argue that ‘consensual incest’ is a victimless crime – providing the sex/relationship takes place between consenting adults.
It IS a victimless crime, where outlawed. No place should outlaw it.
Incest laws also exist in order to protect children from sexually abusive parents and older relatives.
Uh, child molestation is illegal apart from anti-consanguinmamory laws.
That said, in the interest of fairness and equality, if gay or lesbian siblings/twins fall in love and are legally allowed to marry or have sex, it’s not really fair if straight siblings/twins aren’t given the same rights just because some of them can reproduce.
Lets consenting adults have their relationships. It's that simple!
Where would the line be drawn?
Consenting adults.

She kept going back to the same discredited argument, which doesn't apply if they are unable to reproduce.

I was happy to see the article, though, because more and more people are realizing there's no good reason to deny full marriage equality.
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