Monday, March 5, 2018

Consent is THE Issue

In the US, we’re currently seeing what happens when people disregard consent one way: by sexually harassing, assaulting, or molesting someone. People are speaking up about how predatory people did certain things to them even though they did not consent.

On the flip side, we have laws and widely held bigotries that disregard consent when they criminalize and otherwise discriminate against adults who are consenting to their relationships.

Consent needs to be respected both ways.

If adults mutually consent to something with each other, whether it is one driving the other to dinner, a hug, a kiss, touching, a sex act, something involving BDSM, then nobody else should interfere uninvited. And if there is no mutual agreement, nobody should be harassed or coerced into doing something.

Why is this so hard to understand?

Respect consent!!!
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  1. Love your blog Keith!! Just want to say thank you so much for supporting the rights of consenting adults everywhere. There needs to be more accepting people like you in the world.


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