Monday, February 12, 2018

We Get Letters From Haters

Poor "CB" was so angry and full of hate. This person tried posting comments to one of our most popular entries, which debunks myths about sibling consanguinamory. Unfortunately, CB either didn't bother to read instructions about comments or was too agitated to care.  We usually don't post hate-filled comments with words that aren't allowed on terrestrial broadcasts in the US. So we had to edit this bigot's comments, which is why they are being posted here instead of and the end of the entry.

Here's the first attempt...
Wow we need a new plague most of you are a bunch of sick f---s and should NOT BE PROCREATING because all you are causing are sever genetic deformities this post was like reading a post from a nazi trying to convince themselves and others what they are doing is normal and healthy.
Sigh. First CB calls for genocide. We all know that genocide is morally superior to letting consenting adults love each other, right?

Then CB invokes Discredited Argument #22.

Then CB invokes Discredited Argument #18.

Then CB, who called for genocide, tries to paint us as Nazis because we think people should be allowed their love lives without being thrown in prison. Um, yeah.

Not paying attention to the part of the instructions that says it can take a while for comments to appear, CB tried again...
Yea, this is all so sick and toxic it’s like reading a blog post from a pedophile trying to rationalize irrational and unhealthy behavior or a blog post from a nazi trying to make concessions for their twisted and warped beliefs.
What part of consenting adults does CB not understand?
But to be most clear of all, YOU SHOULD NOT PROCREATE SINCE IT CAUSES GENETIC DEFECTS! Like some blog post has more facts than years of scientific evidence and research you are all very mentally ill people who need heavy duty therapy.
CB ended up trying to post that comment at least twice!

Frustrated (probably in more than one way), CB finished the hatefest with...
How come I can’t report this for spreading false and misleasdif information
Notice CB never said what exactly was false about the original posting.

Antiequality bigots have no good arguments. This is why we will have full marriage equality. When someone thinks through the issue calmly and rationally, they realize that it is destructive and ridiculous to deny consenting adults their basic rights to love each other how they mutually agree.
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  1. cb is cyberbullying?

  2. CB could terribly wrong in that what he feels about incest may be the product of recently imposed taboos on human behavior. a simple calculation may be revealing that incest was for a long time routine social behavior
    and that calculation is.. for there not to have been routine incest if we have 7+ billions humans currently inhabiting planet earth, there would have been standing room only on planet earth at the start of Homo Sapiens Sapiens.
    that is not possible so incest was routine. CB is in a lot of trouble then because incest was not a scourge but a human help. how did it come to be prohibited? how is Westermarck, Freud etc relevant..or they are relevant only in human ignorance of the way humans have lived for longer than we have not?
    something fishy went on with the history we are being told. the history does not pan out. the incest taboo is not universal as we have been told and it may be an elitist imposition where it holds sway
    and it may be instructive to note that all the anti incest scholars that are quoted comes from inside only a certain culture and countries ..called western

  3. CB is an idiot, and you can quote me on that.

    Liz Smith


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