Thursday, February 1, 2018

Journalist Seeking GSA Couples

A journalist is looking for GSA couples. Here is what she requested I pass along...
Hi There,

My name is Candice and I write for the national magazines and newspapers, such as Take A Break, Chat, Daily Mirror, That's Life and New to name a few here in the UK.

I wondered if would be interested in speaking to me and sharing your story about genetic sexual attraction, whether it is something you have experienced or if you are in a relationship right now?

We love doing these types of stories and showing society that we should celebrate love, no matter what!

I'd like to reassure you that I'd never publish your story without your permission and you would receive a full read back to ensure you were completely happy with how it sounded. I am more than willing to work around you and your concerns.

You would have to be pictured for the article, and first names used. It would just be for UK mags so it wont be online or on any news outlets, the you is actually extremely slim. You will also be paid a fee by the magazine.

If you are interested, please email me on

Best wishes,

Emphasis mine.

On the positive side, she promises not to publish without your approval. On the negative side is having to be pictured for the article, which would more or less mean coming out. While people experiencing GSA need more visibility, the catch-22 is that coming out can be very risky. It's a decision that nobody else should make for you.

Journalists who want to make similar requests through this blog should read this.
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