Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Addressing a Discredited Attack on Consanguinamory Again

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In response to a couple of questions/asks, these two entries were posted in defense of consanguinamory.

Many consaguinamorous relationships will never produce children. But like it or not, some do. Most of those children are healthy. You probably know some people with consanguineous parents even if you don't know their true genetic ancestry. You may have even admired such people as kind, intelligent, accomplished, or attractive. They may be your good neighbors, your helpful coworkers, your memorable teacher. They don't deserve bigoted ridicule.

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Here are some entries here dealing with consanguinamory, reproduction, and parenting...

Consanguinamory and Reproduction

What Genealogists Know

For Consanguinamorists Considering Parenting

Living Consaguinamorously - What to Tell the Children
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  1. almost all people do not have good health plus they’re so mentally ill out there!


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