Thursday, January 4, 2018

We Get Letters From Adults Denied Their Rights

There was a comment left after an entry on this blog regarding myths about sibling consanguinamory. Anonymous didn't explicitly reveals gender, but it isn't relevant to the situation.

I'm in a relationship with my older brother.
I'm 23 and he's 26. I've loved him since way back. It eventually evolved over the years in what I would describe as a beautiful natural way, because we love each other.  

We will always be a couple. Few are so lucky that they find their perfect match.
It's especially cruel when people feel perfectly matched and like they could never be as happy without each other and being with someone else instead, and they are told by others, including people who will never be in their life, that they can't be together.

The one curse is how people look at it. I broke down once when I was drunk and told my best friend. I was stunned when she said: "Oh, I knew that." Well, she said that she had definitely suspected that it was going on. She was cool with it, because she knows how good my brother and I are together. And that's why she's my best friend, love her! I was lucky once again, I guess.
It is such a good thing when you discover your friend is an ally. It is interesting that she'd figured it out already. Just as the relationships are more common than people think, so is  it more common for friends and family to figure out what is going on than the people in the relationships realize. When someone is experiencing that double love bond of consanguinamory, it usually shows.
But it would destroy our parents, just destroy them!  
That's too bad, if it is true. Sometimes parents surprise us, in a good way. Sometimes in a bad way.
Does anyone here have any experience about "coming out"?
I do know siblings who have come out. Here's what I've written about coming out.
Also, we are looking into moving to France. So at least we don't have to worry about the criminal aspect. 

But, again, it's the social stigma that's so bad. I would love to be able to scream to the world: "This is my brother and I love him with all of my heart!"
Does anyone know if there is a country (or place) where people would perhaps understand and accept? Would it be France? Spain? Japan? 
If you move to where nobody knows you, you can present yourselves as a "regular" couple. Attitudes about consanguinamory have a long way to go, so people still need to protect themselves.
Well, I just had to write something, because it's so lonely to be in this situation.  

Good luck to all of you who have found your true lover to be a sibling!
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It's a shame you can discuss this openly yet and had to comment as Anonymous.We are working towards full marriage equality and opening minds so that nobody has to hide their love.
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