Monday, January 22, 2018

Hate Hurts But It Won't Stop Love

RIGHT NOW, and any moment of every day, there are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people who are close relatives who are in the throes of ecstasy with each other, making love, having sex, embracing, kissing, having orgasms, cuddling, spooning. Maybe even three, four, or more lovers all together! Related!!! And they're going to keep doing it whether you like it or not. Some of them are probably in close proximity to you whether you are right now, living normal lives, other than having the intense double love bond that they do.

Yet the planet keeps turning.

On the other hand, even though most of these lovers will never be prosecuted even if they're some place that still had ridiculous laws against consanguinamory, there are people suffering for no good reason. They are consenting adults adults who aren't hurting anyone, who simply want to keep loving each other how they mutually agree. I hear from them. I hear from people who've been prosecuted, who are facing prosecution, who are being threatened with the loss of their children, who are being denied their rights and peace of mind because of the bigotry that still exists against consanguinamory. There are people who simply want to be able to live freely, be able to show the same affection as those around them, who can't. It's outrageously cruel that they have to face discrimination and being rejected by others around them, simply over love. They shouldn't have to hide.

If you're dealing with the unjust stigma against consanguinamory, know that you're not alone. There are also allies.

If you've perpetuated the hate, please stop and think about what you've been doing. Just because something isn't what you'd do doesn't mean others shouldn't have their happiness. There's no good reason to keep laws and stigmas against such love.
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