Monday, January 8, 2018

GSA in Cinema

Reunion Genetic Sexual Attraction has always existed, but life as it is today now makes it more likely that someone could be raised apart from a close genetic relative and then introduced or reunited with that relative post-puberty. Although the term didn't exist when "The Last Sunset" was released in 1961, the movie contains what could be described at as a reunion GSA relationship.

My apologies if you consider this a spoiler, but the movie was released a while back!
The Last Sunset - Film Poster.jpg
The movie starred Rock Hudson as a lawman (Stribling) who is after a character portrayed by Kirk Douglas (O'Malley). O'Malley goes to the property of a former lover (now married to another man) and falls in love with her daughter. The gist of it is that it is eventually revealed the daughter is O'Malley's daughter. As a result, he faces Stribling with an unloaded gun so that he was doing what we call "suicide by cop." Because, you know, the way movies worked back then was that O'Malley had to be punished for the "sin" of falling in love with his genetic daughter.

I'm not sure how close the movie is to a novel from which it was adapted, but I suppose it would have been too much to ask that the lawman, rather than the outlaw, experience GSA. That probably would have been too scandalous.

I don't know about the rest of the cast, but of course what we know now is that Rock Hudson was a closeted gay man. Today, there are millions of people who are in the closet about their consanguinamorous orientation or their involvement in consanguinamory. A small percentage of them are people who did not know of their close genetic relation to someone until after falling in love with them. If they are disturbed by such a realization, it would be good for them to have trained, understanding therapists who are informed on the realities of these situations. For the time being, people can find help by reaching out to others.

It would also be great to see movies address GSA and consanguinamory without condemning adults for loving each other.
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  1. Sorry, but you can't say this movie is condemning o'malley for loving her daughter. Clearly it's morale that's killing him... but their relation in itself is shown as the purest, most beautiful in the world. You can't often have depicted on screen, GSA relationships that work, because in the real world, because of many factors, mainly social or religious, it can't. That's sad, but movies or production of that kind are here to show us what's wrong with our ways, not only making us dream. Besides, nobody would like something too subversive, don't you think ? When things are too obvious, people don't even see them. Not only regards to incest. Human minds are like that...


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