Thursday, January 18, 2018

A "Where Are They Now" Update

There has been ongoing interest in a post to this blog with the title "Where Are They Now?"

The post is about a series of "adult" videos claiming to feature people who are in consanguinamorous relationships. The quality and the content of the videos had an "amateur" feel to it. A recent comment purports to give an update on a couple featured in one of the videos after speculation that they were not really a consanguinamorous couple...

The Brian and Tabitha [video] is very much real!

My twin sister and I have known Tabitha since the first grade! Brian and Tabitha are not their real names of course. They are really from the country in Tennessee, though. As you can see, their accent is authentic.

They made this video many years ago after being on an incest forum early into their relationship. When they decided to make it, they did not relish that it would become known and available like it has. They were very excited at the time and had been sharing pictures for others to see on the forum.

You can say "Tabitha" is very proud of what she has with her "Brian". It was her [intention to] show others that real love may be taboo between a mother and son, yet very beautiful. It unfortunately turned out to be a double-edged sword for them and today they live in a state where consensual incest is not against the law between two consenting adults.

She did become pregnant, though, and they have a daughter already in school.

I am listed as the father. I dated Tabitha for 4 years. This was from the ages of 29 to 33 for both of us, outside the relationship with her son and my relationship with twin sister. This was the best relationship for both of us. I am very close to Tabitha and Brian [until] this day.

Brian has stated I was the closet thing to a father to him. Very good people, although society considers us sick.

It makes me laugh when people watch their video and consider it fake. I think it is because it is the real deal that people cannot believe what they are seeing to be true. So they look for things to make it fake. That shyness and nervousness is very real, the way they talk, everything.

They have other videos made that were made as a gift to me which really shows how comfortable and in love they are. There are no socks on or c--- rings. Believe me. One of the hottest ones they made when she was 7 months pregnant! VERY LOVING!!! They have given me videos to my sister and I. We have given them videos. I also filmed them and Brian filmed my sister and I. As far as swapping or both couples doing it in front of each other, we are not going that far. We all ARE really in love with each other and are still together.

Also, Brian is listed as the father to my son with my sister. I am more at liberty say things about myself than them.YOU CAN FEEL FREE TO ASK THOUGH. I CAN TELL you they are very happy despite having to live a very secret life that [one] other person knows, by them confessing it (their mother).

I left Tabitha when my sister got separated from her ex-husband and became intimate with my twin. Though I hurt her at the time, she understood. She really is a wonderful person. Her son [is], too. Really good people. I will leave it at that for now...I hope this makes you smile that consensual incestous relationships can be something very beautiful! 

As you can see, consanguinamorous people are to thrilled to have consang friends.

We congratulate Anonymous and his sister on their love, and "Brian and Tabitha" on theirs, and we invite them or anyone else in similar situations to contact us (email fullmarriageequality at protonmail dot com) or comment on the blog.

As far as people doubting the videos depict real consanguinamorous couples, doubts are certainly understandable. There are always doubters about any such reports of consanguinamory. Proof that will satisfy a strong skeptic is hard to come by, but it seems like it has been proven in cases in which there was a criminal prosecution. Some of the people we are in contact with have gone to prison for their love. It they weren't for real, that certainly wouldn't have happened! Fortunately, most consanguinamorous relationships never result in prosecution. One way people can avoid prosecution is doing what Brian and Tabitha did, and move to where consanguinamory isn't criminalized.
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  1. Unfortunately, we are in a space where anyone can say anything and there is no way to check any of it. I'll just say that I've seen the full video and I'm convinced otherwise.

    1. Brian And Tabitha FanJanuary 23, 2018 at 12:31 AM

      When you say you've seen the "full video", do you mean the full-length version that's widely available online, or are you referring to an unedited version? Apparently, someone has claimed to have seen an unedited video, as well as other videos of Brian and Tabitha. If this person is you, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could provide links to this material.


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