Saturday, November 4, 2017

Shame on Independent Women's Forum For Sloppy Hate

IWF fell into the same hate trap as some others just did, as we documented here. This time the attack on those experiencing Genetic Sexual Attraction is from Patrice Lee Onwuka.

TRIGGER WARNING: Bigotry and talk about abuse/sexual assault.

This is how she starts...
In a world where society is fighting for girls and women who are molested, sexually assaulted, and taken advantage of by relatives,
FAIL. We're not talking about abuse. We're talking about CONSENTING ADULTS. She's trying to poison the reader by false association.
Cosmopolitan Magazine is – once again – trying to normalize incest.
"Once again." So she didn't bother to check the date of the article, either. Also, sociologically, acting on reunion GSA is not incest.
In a controversial new article,
It's not new. You are sloppy and don't bother to check into facts.

This is not the first time Cosmo published essays or articles that position stories of incest as fairytale love stories. In 2016, a woman talks about falling in love with her father for Cosmo UK and, a year prior, they published an interview with a girl was who lost her virginity and was engaged to her own father.

Yes. This is happening all of the time, whether you bigots like it or not.
There’s also good physical reasons for why incest is a taboo and illegal in all states.
FALSE. Consensual sex (to be redundant) between adult relatives is not illegal in all states. And there are no good reasons any state still has laws discriminating against these lovers.

There’s a high chance that their offspring will be born with birth defects or die early as a study found.
They lovers in this story aren't having kids, but this is a red herring anyway.
Incest is usually not adults falling in love after being separated but older family members abusing young victims.
"Usually?" She has no idea how common consanguinamory is, and again, there is a huge difference between consanguinamory and abuse. This is like saying dating is wrong because rape is a thing.

But she still goes off the rails to write on and on child abuse, as though that has anything to do with what we're talking about. It doesn't.

These bigots want it both ways. They deride the term "Genetic Sexual Attraction" but then say Cosmo is trying to "normalize [abusive] incest." USING THE TERMS GSA AND CONSANGUINAMORY MAKES IT CLEAR NOBODY IS TRYING TO NORMALIZE ABUSE!!!

It is THEY who are trying to keep prejudice against consenting adults normalized. It's not going to work, We will have full marriage equality, and they're just going to have to deal with the fact that people are going to love each other. There are people suffering RIGHT NOW because of such bigotry. It needs to stop and it WILL lose its power, thankfully.
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  1. Another key observation missing from all the relevant ones you've posted, Keith is, again about the bigot's undocumented assumption that "Incest is usually not about adults falling in love after being separated..." I agree with your immediately relevant comment, "Usually?" - but for a different reason, also underlining the bigot's sloppy-to-nonexistent research: Just where does she get her documentation of what "incest" "usually" is? Where is her factual research to prove "incest" (which she very conveniently fails to accurately define) is "usually" anything at all? Naturally she doesn't say, which is a dead giveaway to the obvious fact that she has no legitimate research to back up her false assertion.

    1. One more observation about that bigot's piece is the study they used to show that "incest" produces, and I'll heavily paraphrase, "mutant babies", was done in 1971. The study used to show babies of consang couples/incest (by their definition) have a higher risk of inheriting genetic defects is almost 50 years old. There are other issues with the study, but even so, the best scientific study the bigot had to try and support their bigotry was one originally published in 1971.


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