Monday, January 7, 2019

Myth: Sex in GSA Relationships Always Means Someone is Being Abused

Reality: It is possible for someone experiencing Genetic Sexual Attraction to abuse or be abused, to be sure, just like with any other relationship between adults.

If consenting adults experiencing GSA have sex, that is not abuse.

The claim that one can’t consent to sex with another is an unsupported assertion based on personal aversion, a personal history of abuse, ignorance, or even the absurd notion that females don’t want or enjoy sex. If an 18-year-old woman can legally consent to group sex with three male cage fighters who are strangers to her, or consent to be the mistress of a billionaire with a spouse and children, the President of the United States, or a someone who rented a room in her childhood home and was present for her entire childhood, how can we be consistent in saying that she can't consent to sex with her half-brother or sister or genetic parent she met as an adult?

In some reunion GSA situations, the consenting adults had sex before knowing of their genetic relation. How could that be abuse?

Abuse and sex are two different things.

Not all consensual relationships are good, but GSA does not necessarily make a relationship bad or abusive. Many people in these situations willingly make love or have sex.

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  1. Thank you! I am tired of people always saying that someone is being abused in such relationships. That recent story of the father and daughter is an example, I've heard people claim that he must be abusing her. That's not what it seemed like to me at all.
    Liz Smith

  2. Hi Keith,

    I know that you posted about the RAINN victims.

    Where is that post?
    I can't find it.

    1. Did you mean this permanent page?

      Othwerwise, any post mentioning RAINN will show up by searching the term.

  3. Who gets to decide if something is abuse? Who determines if someone is being abused? It should be up to the parties involved and nobody else. What one person views as abuse is another persons idea of fun. There are people that think slapping a person is abuse while other people love being beaten to an inch of their lives. Why arent everyone in the bdsm community in jail for abuse? Because we know they like it and choose that way of life. If people in the bdsm community can consent to beating each other up and it be okay then people in a GSA relationship should be able to live without being called abusers.

  4. Females dont want or enjoy sex. Lol Thats funny

  5. Question. Back in my day... people just started making out and it just went further and further. Nobody ever said... Stop, lets make a contract or get the video recorder to record each other consenting to sex. So what is consent now? How do i know that you consent to make love to me? Do i ask you first, by the way, do you consent to making love? Thats a real mood killer. Do i need to have proof that someone consented to sex in case i get sued? Thats weird.


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