Thursday, January 24, 2019

Myth: Acting on GSA is Wrong or Destructive

Reality: Acting romantically or sexually on Genetic Sexual Attraction is neither inherently wrong nor destructive. As with any other factor when it comes to relationships, not every situation is the same. Some people just aren’t right for each other. Some people want to keep a vow of monogamy to someone else. Some people want a partner that is close in age, and their GSA relative is significantly older or younger. There are many different things that come into play in relationships. That consenting adults are close genetic relatives does not make a romantic or sexual involvement with each other wrong.

Different people are going to have different moral guidelines about sex, but consanguinamory by people who were not raised together or by one another (which is the situation with reunion GSA) is not considered wrong by everyone or all cultures. Nor is there anything inherently destructive about it, but rather some find it constructive.

For some, it is the best of all possibilities; it is wonderful, lasting, and fulfilling.

What can be destructive is prejudice against GSA or consanguinamory, expressed through criminal prosecution or attacks by family or others.  There is no good reason to deny consenting adults their basic rights when it comes to relationships and their sexuality. Family and friends might benefit from reading this.

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  1. As somebody with experience on this subject I feel I should shed a light on it and give some perspective.

    I am no longer with my half sister, but I cherished the relationship we had and I can't tell you I regret it regardless of how it went.

    Is it wrong?, absolutely not, it can be a beautiful and wonderful experience for the individuals involved, pretty much any reasoning that comes up to deny GSA relationships can be easily and swiftly debunked, like anything else that still stands from ye olde times, the morals that stand in favour of the law are based on religious beliefs and in today's modern world, religious beliefs should not dictate laws.

    Is it destructive?, yes and no, it depends, I'll go into it in bits.

    It's destructive in the sense that it has a possibility to make or break you, as is the case with any relationship.

    Only it's hard to separate issues as a family member and issues as a life partner, at least this was the case in my experience,so more times than not either the brother/sister side of our relationship suffered on both counts or the relationship it self suffered on both counts.

    Me and my sister no longer speak, she wanted to be brother and sister and nothing more for the future, as a codependent and in general a pretty sensitive individual, I know that I could not maintain that brother/sister dynamic after everything we have experienced with one another, it's selfish but for me, it's either we have what we have or nothing at all because I know my limits and the idea of having to live with seeing her with another would just be too much for me to take.

    So it's destructive in the way that when it end's it can end in such a way, but again, this could be the case for any relationship after a break up and beyond, but because you are also a family member, your relationship as a family member suffers as well.

    It's a risk I feel that you take or leave, but it's a risk that should 100% be free to make without fear of prosecution.

    Now here is the really destructive part which is not the fault of the individuals in the relationship,the law's in place, as is always the case.

    It's not easy living in fear that you may be caught out, that somebody in the street may catch on and rat you out, it puts a major strain on the relationship and eventually that strain can start to drain you.

    People in these relationships have all access denied, I can't tell you how many times it got under my skin that the relationship could go no further, it would consistently hit a brick wall.

    I would frequently visit jewelers and the like and just browse, only wishing I could pick out a ring and place it on her finger.

    I used to sit alone at night while she was asleep and be in tears about it, because truly my sister is the most beautiful woman I have ever met and yet... I couldn't give her the life she deserved, I felt immense guilt for that.

    I would love to walk down the aisle with her, I would love to show her off to all of my friends, I would love to show her to the world because I was proud that she was mine but I couldn't act and express this feeling, it was denied.

    I have a child and so does she, I would love nothing more than to have a child with her and make the family complete but this couldn't happen either because again, that fear is always lurking around the corner.

    We would get caught out somehow, we would have our baby placed in care, we would be separated and most likely, we would spend our days in jail.

    I could give my sister nothing to look forward to and this made me clinically depressed because I know together we was at our best.

    I only hope now that a man comes along and does what I couldn't do, I won't be a part of it but it would ease the pain in my heart to know she is somebody's world and is taken care of the way she deserves.

    1. Anonymous, thanks for sharing that. I'd very much like to communicate with you privately. If you haven't done so already, please write me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com

  2. I think what can be destructive is not acting on how you feel. What I mean is that it is better to talk to the other person or persons involved and be open and honest about how you feel. When you lay all your cards out on the table then it makes it easier for everyone to communicate. When you talk about what you are wanting you will learn something about everyone involved including yourself. This doesnt mean that it will work out but what it does mean is that you wont have any regrets and you will be free. You won't be hiding anything. I think most people live very stressed out lives because they try and hide who they are. I think the most important thing is to be free from the shackles that we place upon ourselves. To Thine Own Self Be True. Just my humble opinion. Thats all.


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