Thursday, January 12, 2017

We Get Hate Mail

It's great when people leave comments and contact us in other ways to thank us for letting them know they aren't alone, or for answering their questions, or opening their minds, and other positive results. It's great to get those appreciative and supportive comments. [Edit: Supportive comments have been left on this entry, but I try to avoid publishing what is generally considered profanity. So I'll need to edit them and feature them in another entry.]

We also get comments that are, shall we say, less than supportive. More often than not, they're little more than one of the Discredited Arguments, usually 1, 4, or 7, especially 1. It just goes to show you there's no good reason to deny people their fundamental rights.

Here are a couple of recent comments submitted anonymously that were NOT published, because they didn't meet basic standards.

If you don't want to read what the haters have to say, don't continue.

Commenting on this entry was this...

Ok ! Listen, what about this story merits a celebratory word from a living soul?
We congratulate people when they find love.
I have just finished reading SEVERAL different stories all incestuous. Father/daughter/sisters/brothers/moms/ grannys and grandchildreN. WTF?!!!!!
SEVERAL? Wow. Well, yes, there are millions, perhaps hundred of millions, of people who have been with or are currently with a close relative.
I'd rather sleep with a goat, the family per fido...
Suit yourself.
but relationship with a relative is a new level of VILE.
It's not vile, and it's not new.
Well, you see, consenting adults have basic human rights. you didn't provide a single reason to deny anyone their rights. And generally, love is a good thing.

That comment didn't warrant publishing because it is the same old, tired, arm-waving. It's helpful to show the lack of justification to be antiequality, but otherwise it doesn't add anything to the discussion.

The second comment wasn't published because it has certain words we redact. It was left after our page on Genetic Sexual Attraction.
You can't be serious.
We are very serious about people having their rights.
This is revolting.
It's revolting that people who meet or are reunited after many years apart experience a powerful attraction? Uh, OK.
How can you even eat or drink or digest anything while reading this stuff??
I'll tell you what, I work up quite the appetite while having great time with my dear friends. Their love for each other is so beautiful it is hard to describe. I haven't ever felt compersion like that before.
Nobody should be f---ing their mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc!!
Did you even read the page? GSA involves people who weren't socialized as family. Anyway, who are you to decide who other people can't love or how they can't love?
The relationships you have with your family are NEVER SUPPOSED TO BECOME SEXUAL.
None of us would be here if they didn't. But again, what gives you the justification to deny these rights to anyone?
I can't even believe there are people questioning this, let alone supporting it, let alone DOING it!
Wait until they're getting married!
Have you liberals opened your mind up so big and so wide that your brains fell out????
People of every political persuasion support full marriage equality. You'd be surprised at the people around you who do. You'd be surprised at how many people around you have experienced GSA.
Children resulting from these situations are going to mix it up with normal people and start f---ing with the human genome.
You don't know what you're talking about. Really. If anything, full marriage equality will decrease genetic problems because more people who carry genetic problems will get counseling and help.
How terrible! Would that there were some biological mechanism that only allowed humans to reproduce if they were operating at or above an average IQ.
Maybe we should set up camps to this end? Invade Poland, France, and other countries?

This trailer park s--- is propelling humankind back into the stone age at a million miles an hour.
Ha! Some of the wealthiest and most intelligent people around are in consanguinamorous relationships. You could be living next to someone who is and you wouldn't even know it. How about you stop slamming other people for their feelings and how they decide to love each other? Most people experiencing GSA ended up in their situations through the actions of others, not their own.

Hey everybody, let's choose love over hate. Let's support equal rights for all adults.
— — —


  1. Hmm ... so someone would rather sleep with a goat ... Goats can't consent, which makes it rape.

    Consensual love is beautiful. Rape is vile.

  2. For those who decide to judge upon any consenting adult about who they should or should'nt be in love with,for once (even though you'll say No Way) imagine that it was you being told you can not love who you are in love with. Experience that pain...because there is no other pain that compares,it never heals.

    1. Your not alone anonymous.

  3. [Edit] I'm one of the most conservative (in the libertarian vein) people I know, and I support the goals of Keith's blog as the only way we are going to turn around the demographic collapse in the West, given the current social and economic trends. I have conducted an analysis of the implications of cost of living for groups of people and the economies of scale that can be achieved. Note that the USDA has announced recently that the cost to raise a child to age 18 in the US is now somewhere between $220K and $240K. Larger groups can significantly reduce that cost and raise income as to be enabling of large families (as opposed to DINKs). For example, a working man and woman with a stay-at-home spouse. It's time to think outside the box before anti-Western savages overwhelm us.

  4. Note: Supportive comments have been left on this entry, but I try to avoid publishing what is generally considered profanity. So I'll need to edit them and feature them in another entry.

  5. "Children resulting from these situations are going to mix it up with normal people and start f---ing with the human genome."

    OK, so what's their argument against same-sex consanguinamorous relationships?

  6. I just dont understand why there is so much hate in the world. Where does all the hate come from?

  7. What Keith does is great! He is trying to unite us all instead of dividing us. The world is so divided right now. How can we be united when only some people have rights and everyone else have none. Marriage equality unites us all. Hate divides while love unites.


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