Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Maybe Twitter Is Too Easy To Use

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Over the last couple of days there have been some antiequality accounts embarrassing themselves by attacking me on Twitter. The more they tweet, the more they reveal they have no argument for denying consenting adults their rights.

It's almost like this:
Me: "Consenting adults should be allowed their relationships."
Them: "Y U want 2 do toddlurs and gotes?"
The sheer lack of basic reading comprehension is astounding, and it is very interesting how quickly they bring up goats and toddlers, almost like they are constantly thinking of doing something with them. Equal access and protection for all consenting human adults is a basic Constitutional principle here in the US. We simply need to remove laws still on the books in some places that are unconstitutional per many court precedents and still used to abuse power. It doesn't require a shift in general or broad legal principles, just simply applying our laws in ways that treat adults equally.
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  1. These people don't have any rational arguments on why these relationships should be illegal so they resort to logical fallacies, it's like talking to a brick wall with these idiots.

  2. If they had any rational arguments, they would use them. Unfortunately for them, they don't, so they resort to ad-hominem attacks. Like you said, they seem to lack basic comprehension skills and reject any form of logic that does not allow them to continue to act like complete half-wits. I tire of people like this at times, they have no argument and they know it.


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