Sunday, December 9, 2018

Three Common Misconceptions About Consanguinamory

There are three very common misconceptions about consanguinamory or consanguineous relationships, also known as consensual adult incest. These misconceptions are often invoked when someone asks why such relationships are criminalized or why laws against such relationships haven't been repealed, or when someone asks why the consanguineous freedom to marry is still denied. Clearing up these misconceptions will assist us in reaching relationship rights for all and full marriage equality sooner rather than later.

1) "The kids will be mutants!" We've cleared this up many, many times. Although most consanguineous sex does not result in children, although most sex anyone has is not to reproduce (and often the chance of reproduction is ZERO), this is the old stand-by when people want to justify their position against letting consenting adults love each other how they mutually agree. It's a very weak argument. The fact is, even when consanguinamorous relationships do create a child, it is very likely the child will be healthy. People with consanguineous parents are literally everywhere. Chances are, one of your neighbors or co-workers is such a person, maybe even someone you admire or find attractive.

2) "It's so rare!" Even if consanguinamory was extremely rare, that is not justification to deny anyone their fundamental rights. But it isn't so rare. It is common enough that you know people who've been involved, whether you know it or not. Abuse makes the news more, but loving relationships are out there, the overwhelming majority of which avoid prosecution and publicity, but nobody should be prosecuted for loving another consenting adult. Nobody should  have to live with fear over the possibility of being prosecuted for such relationships. There are people suffering right now as a result of laws based on prejudice and bigotry, and since instances of Genetic Sexual Attraction are likely to increase in the near future, more and more people will be involved.

3) "Nobody gets busted for this anyway." Many people don't see the hateful laws against consanguineous relationships as a problem because they think nobody is actually prosecuted for private sex. But this ignores the denial of the right to marry; if people want to get married, they are denied that right for no good reason. And yes, as we frequently document on this blog, people are prosecuted for private sex because they are ratted out by others, or incriminate themselves through conversations with law enforcement, social workers, health professionals, and other mandatory reporters, often without realizing it because they're talking about their relationships just like anyone else would or some other subject. Some lovers don't realize that such ridiculous laws exist. People talk about their love lives, sex, their partners, their spouses and there's no good reason why they should have to fear doing so. In some cases, they have a child together and the existence of that child is used as evidence to prosecute the parents and take the children away from their loving, capable parents. Getting typical neonatal or pediatric health care can result in being outed and prosecuted. This is outrageous. People shouldn't have to hide their love and take these steps just to avoid persecution.

The bottom line is that where laws criminalizing consanguinamory still exist, they need to be repealed or overturned because they are hurtful and destructive. There is no good reason to keep them. Full marriage equality is needed so that an adult, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion is free to marry any and all consenting adults, without fear of prosecution, bullying, or discrimination.

Here are myths about sibling consanguinamory.
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  1. marrying a cousin is so common back in the day.


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