Saturday, May 30, 2015

Oregon Continues to Waste Public Resources Attacking Consenting Adults

The attraction between consenting adults is proving to be so strong that jailing them doesn't deter them, but authorities in Oregon continue to waste taxpayer resources doing just that. We last covered this case here. Jenna Kochenauer at reports that there has been another arrest...
A Klamath Falls man was arrested this week for violating probation by moving back in with the adult daughter he fathered two children with.
Again, they are consenting adults. They should be free to live together.
49-year old Eric Lee Gates faces three charges of incest.
They are consenting adults.  That shouldn't be a crime.
The two children they have together were born in 2013 and 2014… but they don’t have custody of either child because courts say the children have genetic problems that are likely the result of the incestuous conception.
"Likely". Where is the evidence? Print it if you have it. But we don't throw people in jail for having children with genetic problems, and that isn't what he was charged with, was it? No, it wasn't. And I know people who aren't closely related who have children with genetic problems. I'm glad they haven't been arrested.

The story was also reported at

There is no good reason for the authorities in Oregon to keep interfering in this consensual relationship.

UPDATE: October 2017
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  1. That's make me angry about the the authorities. How about they learn the difference between consensual and abuse.
    I hope the government will change the laws.

  2. So do we all. By The Law of Averages the general awakening to the need for humanitarian change concerning consensual consanguinamory will come, but unfortunately, all too often at a grim and bitter cost. The best many of us can do is to keep watch on the subject and help spread the word that it's long past time for humanity to de-demonize it and deal with it humanely instead of automatically assuming pathology where none exists.


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