Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Some Solidarity For Cousins and Siblings

It is nice to see Michael Kosowski, a gay man, express some limited solidarity for consanguinamorous people at He starts it off with...
I think that relationships between two blood relatives of the same generation should be completely decriminalized. I also believe that individuals engaging in said relationships should have every right to the legal protections and privileges awarded by the institution of marriage.
Good for him!
As a gay man, I realize that it has taken certain individuals a lot of work to accept my sexuality, and, even more, work to accept the fact that my community wants to be able to legally marry members of the same sex.
Because it has taken others so much time and commitment to accept me, I have pledged that I would take the same time and commitment to understand relationships and practices that confuse me.
What a great thing to do.

Unfortunately, he did write...
But for some reason, I think that transgenerational relationships between two related individuals can lead to very bad things, and can usually be traced to abuse in an individual’s infancy.
He doesn't offer any evidence of that. It's Discredited Arguments #20 and 22.

He does tackle Discredited Argument #18.
Another one of the biggest arguments against romantic relationships of this kind almost always involves the notion that a child could be produced that is much more genetically prone to disease or disability. But I must remind you that there is no law that forbids people with any type of genetically inherited disabilities to have children.
Thanks to Kosowski for some sensible support. More and more people are realizing that all adults should have their rights.
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