Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Living People Have Rights

There's interesting political activity out of Sweden, as reported by Sara Malm at

The youth wing of the Swedish Liberal party has filed a motion to legalize necrophilia and incest.
Sex (that's consensual, to be redundant) between living adults should not be a criminal matter. That simple concept, by definition, includes consensual incest. Our general legal system does not treat a corpse the same as a living person, so necrophilia involves a different set of questions than adult intergenerational, interracial, gay, polyamorous, and consanguinamorous relationships.
Liberal Youth of Sweden said that just because it is 'viewed as unusual and disgusting', does not mean that the deprived sexual acts should be illegal.
Right. That would be Discredited Argument #1.

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  1. What's your argument for or against necrophilia.
    A corpse can't consent, but neither can a rock, and you can argue the two are the same from a legal perspective.

    1. I don't argue for or against necrophilia. It falls outside of the focus of this blog.

  2. But you must have a position on it? Personally I'm against.

    BTW, here's something that should be of interest to you:
    A brother/sister case. It's in French, but GT should suffice for basic understanding. Note that in France incest between consenting adult, including full-blood siblings, is legal (though without the ability to marry). They still are forced in hiding due to the fear of stigma.


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