Thursday, December 10, 2015

Chick on the Wrong

Somehow I missed this bit from [WARNING: Hate at that link.] when I was picking apart the bigot backlash earlier in regards to a couple brought to together through Genetic Sexual Attraction who dared to be profiled in a publication. So, thanks to my friend for bringing this to my attention.

Someone posting under slyly invoked pedophilia at least twice, which I take as a deliberate attempt to bring in an unrelated issue to poison people against consenting adults who aren't hurting anyone.
Chris gave Melissa a bunch of contact information so she could reach out to her other siblings, including her brother, Brian. (This is where this entire story gets really gross.)

We get it. You are grossed out by the idea. Many people who've experienced GSA for themselves through the same way before they experienced it. Funny, but this piece doesn't use the term "Genetic Attraction" or "Genetic Sexual Attraction" anywhere. That's a glaring omission.

Nowhere does the writer explain exactly what's wrong with consenting adults being together. She's simply playing to the prejudices of the readers, and you can see in the comments that the bigots did step right up to do their part. I dealt with the same things in our previous coverage here, so rather than repeat myself again bit by bit, I'll include the comment I left...

I like how you slipped in references to pedophilia to distract from the fact that these people were approaching middle age when they first realized they even had a "lost" genetic sibling. In other words, they were consenting adults. Genetic Sexual Attraction is a real thing and it happens to people who are not married and were never abused as well. I guarantee some of your readers have experienced it, and some have acted it. It happens even to the most conservative people. You may not like it, but your dislike should have no power over the sex lives of consenting adults.

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