Monday, November 30, 2015

More Anti-Equality Cowardice and Ignorance

The bigots like to pile on, and someone going by streiff wrote at, apparently to demonstrate a basic lack of 1) critical thinking, 2) ability to do the most basic research, and 3) originality. Later, he added a demonstration of a lack of spine. This person was no doubt prompted to add to the hate recently demonstrated by other sites against equality. These haters all copy off each others' papers yet they call everyone else incestuous. And they seem to be coward in that they will not actually debate.

The headline of streiff's piece was "It Isn't Science of Love, You Are Just a Pervert." You know, because this person is a scientist, right? And knows whether or not other people really love each other, right? This hater starts off whining about Justice Anthony Kennedy writing a majority opinion striking down laws against private sex. So right there, you know this person has problems. Then, of course, there is the whining about the decision this past June in favor of the limited monogamous same-gender freedom to marry. That's not enough, so the whining moves on to transphobia. Finally, we get to the quoting from Cosmo (always Cosmo, never the sister publications that carried the same article, some prior to Cosmo). There's a lot of huffing and puffing (and I think a lot of huffing) that mostly boiled down to "I think this is perverted." Wow, what a contribution!

Despite decades of documented evidence, this hater thinks a simple "Nuh-uh!" wipes away the reality of Genetic Sexual Attraction. Then, lamenting that discrimination against consanguinamory is "over" (if only that were true!) this paragon of journalistic excellence writes...
Germany has declared incest to be a basic constitutional right and it is impossible to conceive any state laws against incest standing in the face of even a minor legal challenge.
Germany has done no such thing. A ethics panel has called for it. That's not the same thing. Really, is it that hard to look at Wikipedia?

In trying to correct someone else, this bigot reveals more ineptitude...

In fact, the writer gets a detail wrong. She says that incest is illegal in all states. It isn’t in Chris Christie’s New Jersey, incest is legal.
No mention of Rhode Island nor Ohio. Again, this is easily researched.

This person never even tries to give any reason why the lovers in the article shouldn't be free, but rather counts on readers to simply nod along.

So I took to Twitter to respond to the tweet from about this monstrosity with this...
Please, - do some research next time instead of copying from someone else's paper
Surely this person could defend their piece, right?

Well... not really. The homophobic, ableist (and erroneous) response was...
sorry I don't have time for shrill, neurotic gays
And then I was blocked by

But YOU may not be blocked, yet. So... maybe you can send some tweets to that account?
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