Wednesday, November 4, 2015

We Get Letters From Polyamorous Consanguinamorous Women

"Dee Dee" left a comment on this blog's all-time most popular entry, and rather than publish it there, I wanted to highlight it here. It contains polyamory, consanguinamory, exhibitionism/voyeurism, and something else some might call a fetish.

She explained that she was the third child in her family, having three brothers; one older and two younger. She explained that even while growing up, she liked to go au naturel at home, which meant in front of her brothers. Her parents didn't approve, but they worked evenings and so that often gave her the opportunity to go bare.

PLEASE NOTE: The rest of this entry gets slightly explicit.

As they got older, she experienced attraction to her older brother and would explore with him. Later, her other brothers pursued such interactions with her too.
This continued until I married my husband. We have been married now for about 19 years.
My brothers have played a very important role in my life, and I have allowed them to do and see things that I believe most sisters wouldn't. For instance, I still enjoy running around our house nude. After I got pregnant with our first son, my brothers would come over often to watch my body began to change as the baby grew. I also asked them to be in the delivery room when their nephew was born, which was a real eye opener for them.

They also have been very fascinated with my breastfeeding our son. One day, my youngest brother was visiting me while my husband was at work, and he asked what my milk tasted like. I offered to let him nurse from me, which he did, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It soon became something the four of us would do together.

With my husband's permission and understanding, my brothers and I have now been having sex regularly for about the last three years. At least twice a year, I go away with them out of town to a resort where no one know us, and enjoy ourselves. In many ways, I feel I am emotionally closer to my brothers than to my husband. He knows my brothers very well, and they get along splendidly. He also understands my needs for my brothers goes back to our childhood. Surprisingly, my parents know nothing of this, and we are certain that they would disapprove in the strongest way possible.

Just as I deeply love my husband, so do I also love my sweet brothers. Sex is with them as emotionally satisfying as it is with my husband. He keeps asking me if we can take the next step forward and allow him to watch my brothers make love to me. I'm thinking that may be near, and perhaps he will be able to feel the closeness I have for my brothers and they me. You are the only person I have ever told our story to. I hope you don't misjudge us or our familial situation. We are all extremely happy with thus arrangement and are comfortable with it. Thank you for listening, Keith. We all appreciate it.
You may think what they've been doing is disgusting, or strange, or even exciting. Whatever the case, as consenting adults, shouldn't they be free to do this things? There's no good reason to try to stop them. They aren't hurting anyone.

Dee Dee, thanks for sharing that! Although everyone (except spammers and repetitive bigots) is free to comment on the blog, I especially encourage your comments and I'd very much like to hear more from you. You can write me at fullmarriageequality at yahoo dot com.

Anyone who wants to talk about their experiences or relationships or that of their family or friends is encouraged to contact me.
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  1. Has she ever considered having children with her brothers...just asking since that would really denote a very deep connection..


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