Thursday, November 12, 2015

We Get Letters From Happy LTR Consanguinamorists

We are always happy to comments on this blog, but especially so when we hear from anyone who isn't free to speak up elsewhere. Anonymous left a comment here on our blog's all-time most popular entry and I wanted to highlight it so it won't go overlooked.
My sister (now age 59) and I (61) actually ended up together after she had an unexpected divorce and moved in with me.
Sometimes, people get together temporarily or permanently after a divorce or a death.
We had "experimented" together at a young age and stopped in the late teens.
Some kids do play doctor. Most who do end up never having any involvement with each other as adults. But some never stop "playing" and others do resume later.

When she moved in, I had just planned a vacation driving up the California coast and she came along. 
As we drove, we stopped at beaches along the highway and many were clothing optional and we "did as the Romans". It was at a nude beach just past Santa Cruz where we were watching a sunset when, on the spur of the moment, we kissed. That shock led to a very romantic interlude - that hasn't stopped even after 12 years.
Twelve years. How many marriages don't last long? And yet they can't get legally married. There's no good reason their love should be criminalized or denied equality. Doing the math, they were about 47 and 49 when that special vacation took place. Certainly, they were old enough to decide for themselves.
Something that amazes us both is that the passion between us has not faded as did in our marriages.
Other people in consanguinamorous relationships tend to report similar experiences. Why should they "settle" for someone else? Nobody should try to make them. Friends and family need to be supportive and we need to eliminate discriminatory laws.

I'm hoping Anonymous contacts us so we can find out more.

If you're in a "forbidden" relationship, have been in one, or know someone who has been, please share your experiences in the comments, or better yet, contact us to tell us about it.
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