Friday, October 20, 2017

There Is No Good Reason to Deny the Consanguineous Freedom to Marry

Over and over again, we see there is no good reason to deny people in consanguinamorous relationships their right to be together, including their freedom to marry. There is no good reason to deny full marriage equality for all adults.

Anti-equality bigots don't have good arguments, so instead of arguing they'll usually say, after making their ignorant assertion, something like "I'm not going to discuss this any further!" or they'll try to insult the person who disagrees with their hateful, prejudiced statements.

Repeating the same prejudiced assertion over and over again isn't an argument.

The rhetorical equivalents of jumping up and down, rolling eyes, pointing, and saying "See! We said this would happen!" is not an argument.

Recently [a while ago now], a bunch of sister publications profiled a couple who are Friends of FME and Friends of Lily and even more recently, professional anti-equality websites printed reactions because they knew it would get them a lot of hits. Their readers actually like to read about these relationships, as is obvious from their reactions and comments. Of course they claim to protest, but their actions betray them. They read, and then shriek into the echo chamber a few of the usual Discredited Arguments, often #1, 4, 18, and 22.

They don't bother to consider that the couple in the article not only were not raised together, but didn't even know of each others' existence until they were heading for middle age. The haters don't bother to take into account this couple will not be having children. They do not grasp that saying "they'll have mutant babies!" doesn't apply because they're not going to be having babies together. (These people often have much ignorance about human sexuality and reproduction.)

I replied to the tweets from the official accounts, and that prompted some rabid haters to attack me. They kept repeating Discredited Arguments 1, 18, and 22 and restating what they thought was going on, as if these were reasons the lovers shouldn't be together. They kept addressing me as though I was someone in the article, demonstrating a lack of a grasp on basic reality.

I detail the Twitter exchanges below, but I offer a TRIGGER WARNING because of their bigotry, which includes transphobia, homophobia, ableism, anti-equality, anti-consanguinity, and sexual assault.

I tweeted to "They're for real. And many other people have similar lives. But nobody can make you believe it."

For that, someone named "Cole"  replied with the ever-so-thoughtful...
Just look at the picture... No need to even respond, to this idiotic ranting of a confused child of incest.
By picture, I assume he means the same picture at the top corner of this blog. Somehow, from that, he infers my parents are close relatives, though they aren't.

Here's an "argument" that was typical of "Cole" 
You're talking about incest, that's not a right you ignorant f---.

(Censoring by me to protect your delicate eyes. Yeah, he's got quite the potty mouth.) It didn't matter how much I gave him links to try to enlighten him. Another one from him...
If science isn't proof enough, I guess I'm out of luck. Go f--- your goat.
By "science" he apparently meant Discredited Argument #18; never mind they won't be having kids. I tweeted back "So if they are older, sterile, or same-sex, you have no objection? Or is this just a red herring?" To which his fail of a response was...
No red herring. It's disgusting and science proves my point.

He thinks his saying "science" is some kind of magic word, apparently, even though he's wrong. He also had this priceless analysis...
You think because you're tolerant, and I'm not, I'm not Christian like. Surprise, you're an idiot.
Yes, Cole is definitely Christian-like, as we can see. I hadn't said anything about religion, so this must be a canned answer he uses to charm people.

A typical assertion of his...
Consenting siblings should be able to f--- each other is disturbing. Like being a tranny. It's not right. At all.
He couldn't explain exactly what was wrong with transgender people or consenting adults being together. His slur that these things are disturbing doesn't make it so. He got paranoid...
As they infringe on my rights? It's unhealthy and if people with same parents want to f---, go to Iraq.
He couldn't explain exactly how adults being together how they want would infringe on his rights. I have no idea what Iraq has to do with this. These relationships exist everywhere. I wrote "Also, we let people w/ obvious genetic diseases have sex, marry, have children. So why not healthy 40-somethings?" His response?
You're a walking example of that

Well, there you go. He sure showed me, didn't he? Not really. He tried this brilliant argument...
And there are laws against incest. Google it
I responded "There were laws against interracial relationships, too. And there are no laws against it in many countries, and three states."

Even though he seemed to think some places having laws against it was enough, he jumped to another position and wrote...
I don't need a law to tel me something is wrong. Maybe you do
To which I responded with "But you do need a good reason to deny people their rights. Otherwise you'll keep losing in courts." I also wrote "It is immoral to persecute consenting adults for loving each other. How about dem apples?"

His brilliant retort?
That's a stupid statement from a stupid person. If one consents to f---ing horses, is that okay too? Consent doesn't equal acceptable you moronic waste of incest. Go f--- your sister and leave me alone
I explained, "We're talking consenting adults who can enter into legal contracts, which is what marriage is. You never gave a reason to outlaw."

Defeated multiple times, he went on to Discredited Argument #22...
It's mentally unhealthy. Ask a Dr. You need help, go enjoy cuddling with your mother and sister. 
It's pretty sad that people spout off their hatred as though it is meaningful.

Someone named jumped in because she apparently didn't think there was enough hate, but she couldn't handle me and blocked me. But before she did, she wrote...
Why do u keep trying 2 convince me what ur doing isn't harmful? U should be convinced yet ur not.
Patiently, I wrote "I'm not doing anything but defending people who met in their 40s and fell in love. Do you have a reason to deny them their rights?"

She didn't, but she thought throwing out an "Amen!" to her own statement was somehow convincing.

Let's get back to . Completely impotent against reason and legal precedents, he came up with this skillful line of logic, still mistaking me for some imaginary foe of his own mind...
Go away you sister f---ing, goat raping pedophile. It's not a right to f--- your siblings.
Yes, defending middle-aged people who met as adults and fell in love means someone is a "sister f---ing, goat raping pedophile." Can you believe people like this get to vote? We've made it clear and made it clear to them repeatedly that we're talking about consenting adults. We're against abuse. But Cole sure seems to think sexually about kids a lot. And goats. Maybe there's something he needs to get off his chest?

Since the anti-equality people have no good arguments, they will keep losing. It is just a matter of time before laws catch up to reality as well as court precedents so that an adult, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion is free to share love, sex, residence, and marriage with any and all consenting adults. Thanks to Cole and Ms. Understood (who certainly did misunderstand) for demonstrating again the lack of reason on the anti-equality side.

Since both of these people are in such a delicate state, you should use discretion should you decide to tweet back to them, which of, course, you are free to do until they block you.

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  1. THANK YOU! Thank you for what you do. Thank you for standing up against these idiots. Hopefully we can keep moving towards a better future. Gays being able to marry each other is a good start, but there is still much work to do.

    -Liz Smith

  2. My God... it's surprising how many people will waste so much time and energy name-calling and tantrum throwing when they have clearly lost the argument. The sad part is that these morons always seem to think that they have the moral upper hand.

  3. I really envy your ability (And Jane's) to keep a calm, level head when dealing with these morons—my temper always gets the better of me and I eventually explode. Excellent post, as always!

  4. I tip my hat to you for having the patience to deal with people who are incapable of debating intelligently. You have my support.


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