Thursday, January 8, 2015

Oregon Prosecuting Consenting Adults, Tearing Children Away From Parents

Chelsea Gorrow reports at that authorities in the US state of Oregon, which is generally supposed to be progressive, have decided to persecute consenting adults for their sex life and ruin them. The Register-Guard has used their names and a picture of at least one of them.
A father and his adult daughter are facing charges of incest after their arrests in Klamath Falls, Springfield police said.
So the authorities were so determined to do this that they were willing to go to another jurisdiction to make the arrests.
Two children who are a result of their relationship have been placed in foster care, according to detectives.
So now the authorities are traumatizing children. Why?
Eric Lee Gates, 49, and his daughter, Chalena Moody, 25, both formerly lived in Springfield. Gates was arrested Dec. 23 in Klamath Falls and extradited Wednesday to Lane County, where he was arraigned and pleaded not guilty. He is expected back in court Feb. 11.

They are consenting adults. This is a waste of taxpayer resources.

Warrants for Gates’ and Moody’s arrests were issued by Springfield police in April, after investigators were alerted to the relationship by an elderly woman, police said. At that time, Gates and Moody were under investigation for an elder abuse claim, but detectives later determined they were not involved in any such abuse.
So basically this other woman was a rat. She had it out for them. Her accusation of abuse was bogus, but she could get them for... loving each other. And notice this goes back eight months or so. You'd think the police would have let it go, rather than following them for eight months and into another jurisdiction.
However, Gates and Moody allegedly were open about their relationship, and the elderly woman told police about the father-daughter couple.
In places where there are still absurd laws against their love, that usually isn't a good idea.
Lewis said Gates was not Moody’s custodial parent during her childhood, having served stints in prison while she was growing up. Court records show at least one of those prison terms was for a felony conviction of driving with a suspended license.
Driving with a suspended license? OK, well, he did his time and that has nothing to do with loving another adult. However, this does sound like it might involve Genetic Sexual Attraction. There is no way he "groomed" her for this, since he did not have the sociological paternal role.
Incest is a Class C felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and $125,000 in fines.

Ridiculous. Prosecute abusers, and put them away for a lot longer. Leave consenting adults alone.
According to the FBI’s national crime statistics, incest had a reported crime rate of just 1.36 per 100,000 people from 2010 to 2011. The average age of the victim is 12, according to the FBI, and it is most commonly a child-parent situation.
Assaulting 12-year-old girls has nothing to do with this case.

I notice the article doesn't state that the children have any birth defects or known disabilities, and these reports usually do include such information IF it is the case. But most children born to consanguineous parents are healthy.

It really doesn't matter who is disgusted by this relationship. There is no good reason to criminalize their love or otherwise discriminate against them. The authorities in Oregon should have better things to do than hurt people who aren't hurting anyone.
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  1. This is awful. They should have been left alone.
    -Liz Smith

  2. I agree. And to do all this 2 days before Christmas?! I hope the government is happy that they have not only destroyed these children's Christmas, but also their family. I bet these poor kids are devastated and will likely be traumatized for life. And for what, really?

  3. The children are NOT okay, and there is much more to the story that is not being made public. This is horrific and the punishment should be more severe, trust me on that one.

    1. Who should be punished and why? I know children who have problems and they're born to unrelated lovers. What should we do with those lovers?

    2. I totally agree with you (anonymous).... Who I the idiot that wrote this asinine article?

    3. Incest is not bad if you believe in Adam and Eve you believe in incest how else we all get here

  4. What planet are you from??? Incest is incest whether its consensual or not !! And the following fact might educate you : "Inbreeding increases the frequency of homozygotes within a population. Depending on the size of the population and the number of generations in which inbreeding occurs, the increase of homozygotes has positive or negative effects.

    You are ignorant and definitely have no sense of morals......

    1. So do you want to throw people in prison if they have a known genetic disease and they have sex? Would it be just fine with you as long as he'd had a vasectomy?

  5. If you can be bothered to read anything apart from your own propaganda, you'd find that her two children with her perv father are developmentally delayed, as well as having other health problems associated with having direct relatives breeding with each other. I'm guessing this "blog" is really just a joke intended to get people to pay attention to you. Or else your end goal is to be able to screw children without being judged for it. Because that's usually what people mean when they claim they want open sexuality. You may cover that up by claiming you only are concerned with "consenting adults" but it's usually something quite different. "Retarded" kids aren't unworthy, but purposely inflicting disabilities on your kids because you're a screwed up wreck that sleeps with your own father is revolting. I'm guessing she's the childish idiot that article was written about several years ago. Someone wrote an article about some really immature girl bragging about a relationship she was having with her dad, and claiming everyone around her was okay with it. It fits that story perfectly. Only 10 days for a felony is what you should actually be upset about.

    1. I mostly read reports from bigots, actually. They're everywhere.

      How many children out there are developmentally delayed or have other problems whose parents are NOT closely related? The vast majority of them. That's not a crime. We don't stop people with known, serious genetic diseases from dating, having sex, having children, and marrying. These people were not arrested for bad parenting. They were arrested for having sex with each other.

      It's not a joke that consenting adults are being discriminated against and thrown in prison for having sex. That's cruel and a waste of public resources.

      I have made it clear over and over again that this blog is about consenting ADULTS. Your red herring about abusing children is completely irrelevant to this blog. ADULTS a are broadly allowed to enter into contracts (like marriage) in our legal system. There's no reason to exclude any consenting adults from marriage.

      I can assure you the woman in this case is NOT the woman involved in that other article (actually, which one? There have been many). You're mistaken if you think this is so rare. I guarantee you that you know people in consensual relationships with close genetic relatives. You just are either in denial or they hide it from you and all the other bigots.


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