Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Casting Call For GSA Experienced

I am passing this along per request. I don't know these people at all. As always, I recommend caution in dealing with requests to make contact with media. While I very much want to see realistic and informative portrayals or documentation of people who face discrimination, I also never expect anyone to out themselves to anyone else unless that is what they want to do, and I definitely do not want to see people persecuted or prosecuted for loving other consenting adults.

Award-winning television production company is searching for couples & individuals who are currently experiencing GSA. We are interested in hearing from those who may be ready to share their stories, as we are currently researching for a possible new documentary series on what it is like to live with GSA. All information will be kept strictly confidential. Anyone interested should write to: with the following info:

Full name & city/state of residence
Current relationship status
Brief bio, including when you began to experience GSA & with whom
A few pictures of yourself and/or links to social media profiles
Best contact #/s
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