Tuesday, January 27, 2015

GSA in the Movies

Homesick Sundance

Dennis Harvey gives a  Sundance film review at of "Homesick."

...“Homesick” approaches the topic of incest sans sensationalism, but without much dramatic impact, either. This drama sketches two half-siblings who get along a little too well when they finally meet in adulthood, but its somewhat bland, underdrawn characters lack interesting internal or external lives, making their predicament seem ultimately, oddly inconsequential.

So it sounds like a Genetic Sexual Attraction story and they still manage to make it bland?
Soon both feel a lifelong emotional gap has been filled, yet their attraction is undeniably more than platonic. They’re soon acting on those impulses, the passion rapidly escalating to cohabitation — no matter that this relationship can hardly be kept secret from her conveniently away-on-tour musician boyfriend (Oddgeir Thune), let alone his wife.

Hmm. It would be good to see accurate portrayals of GSA in movies. I don't think this sounds like the best depiction. GSA is very, very powerful. That can make for some intense drama if the characters are trying to living monogamous lives with other partners or are in otherwise closed relationships with others, and then there's the drama inherent legal and social discrimination. There's so much potential (for comedy, too) and filmmakers should make use of it.

Dear readers, if any of you see this movie, share your thoughts by commenting here.
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  1. Uhmm...Spanking the Monkey by David O Russell is interesting and covers the topic of incest.


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